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Friday, May 12, 2017

Can you believe it?! 
Today marks my one year blog-versary! 
I seriously can't believe it has already been a year since I relaunched my blog + started a new journey. I'll start this post by saying THANK YOU! Your support via likes, comments, subscribing, + reading our blog is SO APPRECIATED! I have so much love for all of you, especially our #dayone followers! Today's post will be a little bit different. I will be taking the time to answer our most frequently asked questions {yes, I do take note of what you ask}!

What made you start blogging + how long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging as The Kierra Quinn for one year, BUT I used to blog for a local company as Style Maven for 2.5 years. I stopped blogging after I no longer worked with them, but people would always ask me about blogging again since they enjoyed Style Maven so much. When I was pregnant + even after I had Bentlee friends + family would continue to ask, especially to document our style. I knew whenever I did decide to start again I wanted to make sure I was ready, that way it would be genuine + authentic.

What is motherhood really like?
HARD WORK, but so fulfilling. I actually have a blog post that talks about this topic. 
Mom Life | Mommin' Ain't Easy -10 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me {here}

How do you balance being a mom, a wife, + blogging?
This is definitely the question I get asked the most. Balance is so hard, but it is so key no matter what you are doing in life. I just try to be as present as possible with whatever I am doing. If I'm with BQ, then I'm all in, giving her 100% of my attention. When I'm spending time with my husband, that's exactly what it is, with no distraction. The same goes with blogging. I set aside time for it throughout my day + focus on it. I also keep a planner. I plan out my month at the beginning of the month + my week on Sunday nights. I also write down EVERYTHING I need to do each day, prioritize what needs to be done + hold myself accountable. 

Are you a SAHM or do you work?
Right now it's both. I'm a working mom who happens to stay at home. I recently left my job to first + foremost be home with BQ, but to also build my business blogging + focus on my Style Consultation business too! I will have a blog post about this soon!

Do you get paid to blog or is it a hobby?
Again, both. The Kierra Quinn definitely started as a hobby {a creative outlet for me}, but I have worked with companies for content over the past year. I am in the process of monetizing my blog with paid content + my business.

What is your side business?
My business is a Style Consultant via Closet Clean Outs/Organization, Personal Styling, + Style Parties. 
Learn more about my services {here}, client reviews {here}, + you can even book your appointment {here}. {Yes, I do travel!}

What is a Closet Consultation?
The Closet Consultation consists of organization, helping to purge unwanted pieces, + styling pieces client's already own. I will also have a more in depth post coming soon.

Where do you shop {for you + BQ} + how do you find such good deals?
I like to shop stores where I can find pieces for me + Bentlee together. Target is my BFF!
I also frequent Old Navy, Marshalls/TJMaxx, Goodwill, Forever 21, + H&M. As far as deals go, I LIVE near the clearance rack. I rarely pay over $20 for our pieces, unless it is something we absolutely need or will last us forever!

Who takes your pictures + how do you get such good pictures of BQ?
Shoutout to my #instagramhusband! My husband takes all of our pictures on my iPhone 7+. I have recently started working with local photographers too! {Shoutout to Alfield Reeves Photography featured on a new collaboration post (here) + Ashley Wierenga who shot my style post about Embroidery, here.} Shoots that are BQ exclusive are usually taken by me. I try to get as many candid shots of her as possible. It's not realistic to think she will just sit while I snap pics of her. They usually require a lot of singing and bribing with Cheerios. LOL!

Is Bentlee always so happy?!
YES! She has always been the happiest baby {now kid} ever! We have definitely been #blessed in that way!

What is your favorite skin care product?
I feel like I am always on the hunt for the PERFECT product when it comes to skin care. One that I am very obsessed with right now is E.L.F.! I love their Daily Face Cleanser + Exfoliating Scrub {both products are less than $10}. Their skin care line is one the best for an affordable price! There is also a local skin care line called Fox Naturals that I love too! They have a variety of products from face wash to shower gel + even beard oil {can't forget about the guys}! I love their Lavender + Aloe Face Lotion! Let's just say that it's so good that it's sold out right now!

What foundation + setting spray do you use?
I love Fit Me by Maybelline. Right now I have been using their Shine Free + Balance Stick Foundation in the shade Coconut! I feel like it goes on smoother + more consistent. As far as setting spray goes NYX Matte Setting Spray is THE BEST! {I apply it before and after my makeup is done + it seems to stay on longer.}

How do I start a blog + what should I blog about?
There's a lot that goes in to starting a blog, but it's best to start with finding your niche which will lead you to what you should blog about. What do you love? What are you really good at? What do people ask you for advice about the most? Answering these questions will help you figure out what to blog about + what type of content your followers would be interested in.

What makes blogging successful?
Authenticity! Being genuine + yourself is so key to a successful blog. I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to blogging + creating content. I want you to feel like we are bff's + you can come to me {or my blog} for anything! When people see you as an authority in your niche, that's success!

Whether you are new to the blog or have been along for the ride since the beginning, thank you so much! This past year has been greater than I even imagined it could be + things are only going up from here. If there's a question that wasn't answered definitely add them in the comments! BRB, we are off to year two! Stay tuned + Happy Styling!

Outfit Details
Eyelet Blouse | ReBlue x Goodwill
Black + White Stripe Scallop Midi Skirt | VB x Target {S O L D O U T}
Black Heels | Jessica Simpson via TJMaxx 

Blush Drop Waist Scallop Trim Dress | VB x Target {Here}
Ankle Strap Flats | Old Navy {Old, Similar Here}

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