MOM LIFE | Five Items Every Diaper Bag Should Have

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MOM LIFE | Five Items Every Diaper Bag Should Have

If you have been keeping up with us on, then you know Bentlee Quinn recently turned ONE YEAR OLD! I am so excited about what's to come as we move on to year two, but I also want take the opportunity to start featuring posts about our first year experiences. Way before we were bringing Baby B home from the hospital, one of my main concerns was picking + packing a diaper bag. I was on the hunt for something that didn't look like really "babyish". Something I would carry regardless. I am so happy I discovered that Kate Spade makes STYLISH + FULLY FUNCTIONAL diaper bags! I figured that if this was a topic on my mind as a first time mom, there are probably other newly pregnant mama's trying to tackle this too! Today's blog entry spotlight's five items I tote around daily. 

1. Diapers + Wipes {Target}
Okay, I know what you're thinking...NO BRAINER! Yes, it is an obvious first choice, but sometimes it's the easiest to forget. {Ever heard of mom brain?!} I usually pack about 5 diapers minimum whether we are just "running up the street" or on an all day outing. When it comes to newborns {or any age} it's best to be safe than sorry. Target brand diapers + wipes have actually worked best for us this past year. Their bulk selection doesn't break the bank either. {More money to spend on what really matters...clothes, duh!}

2. Changing Pad x Kate Spade {Similar Here}
The changing pad goes hand in hand with the above item. More than likely there will be a time when you have to change your baby's diaper while you are out and about. A changing pad actually came with my diaper bag, but you can also purchase one separately. The elephant print one pictured above was actually a gift, but it's complete with slots to store diapers and wipes! {GENIUS}

3. Spare Outfit {Tunic x Old Navy {Similar Here, we have that one too!} | Black Pant x Target, Similar Here}
Let's face it, accidents happen, especially when your baby has on YOUR FAVORITE OUTFIT! One thing I always have on deck is a spare outfit. Depending on your baby's age, it may be useful to pack more than one. 

4. Snacks {Sippy Cup, Here + Bowl, Similar Here + Cheerios}
When running around town with your little in tow, you have to be well stocked in the snack department. {You can never have enough bottles if you have a younger baby} Since BQ is transitioning into that toddler stage, I try to keep her well hydrated with a sippy cup full of water + her favorite snack, Cheerios, on hand. Plus it keeps her busy when we are waiting at restaurants or if I'm in the middle of something.

5. Toys aka Distractions {Toy Remote, Here + Woody Doll, Similar Here}
Which brings me to my final diaper bag must have item, TOYS! As your baby gets older you will realize that toys are the best distractions + your personal BFF. These days Bentlee is obsessed with this little Woody doll + toy remote control. Depending on where you are going, you may want to bring quieter toys that won't disturb others. Be sure to bring something they will get excited about having + won't get bored too quickly with.

I hope this was a helpful round up of essentials. How did I do? I would love to hear what your Diaper Bag must haves are! Feel free to comment below! Stay tuned for more things MOM LIFE.