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Monday, January 30, 2017

How's motherhood? If I had a dollar for every.single.time I have been asked this question by family, friends, + complete strangers...well you know the rest. When I'm asked that million dollar question, instead of unloading how I honestly feel in that moment, I usually say "good" to keep the story short and bearable. I have been tossing back and forth for a while if I should even post this, but I have decided that it is time for you to know how motherhood TRULY has been for me. No matter how I make it look on "the 'gram", MOMMIN' AINT EASY! Here are 10 #nofilter things I have learned so far as a first time mom. 

Take time for yourself 
THIS.RIGHT.HERE! Taking time for yourself is probably the most important + most forgotten aspect of motherhood. Some people see it as selfish, I see it as necessary! It is so easy to get wrapped up in being someone's mom, going all in for your kid. Or there's the other side of it where you get used to having cold coffee + dinners + are too exhausted to even think about doing something for yourself. I learned QUICKLY that if I am not taking care of myself, I am NO GOOD TO ANYONE, especially my baby. So PLEASE take time for you, even if it is 15 min reading your favorite book, catching up on your DVR, or painting your nails uninterrupted. No matter what you choose, you will thank yourself later + everyone around you, including your baby, will love you for it.

DON'T forget about your husband 
{or any other important person in your life}
One thing my husband and I said pre-baby was that we would continue to have a date night, even if it was just once a month. I am so happy to say that since BQ has been born we have stuck to that promise, sometimes enjoying back to back dates or off duty weekends. Date night's are something we genuinely look forward to. Sometimes after you have a baby it becomes hard to balance that relationship with your husband, especially in the beginning. It's important to never forget that before baby it was THE TWO OF YOU! And after baby grows up and starts a family of their own, it will still be THE TWO OF YOU! You can't be the best parents for your baby if you aren't taking time for each other.
{This advice applies in any other relationships you may have with family or friends. Make time for them too, even if it's face timing once a week or a lunch date!}

Ask for + accept help 
One thing my mom told me was if someone wants to do something for you, or offers to help with your baby...let them! What a gem of advice?! It has saved me a lot of stress in the long run. Being SUPERMOM has never been my end goal. I told myself long ago that I can't do it all + that's okay. So recruit the help that you need. I am still grateful for a close friend who came to my house with her toddler and watched BQ while I slept for HOURS! I'm pretty sure my sink full of dishes was empty when she left {but those were the early days of parenting, so my mind could have been playing tricks on me due to lack of sleep!}

Don't get caught up in the hype 
Whether starting a family was your dream or a surprise, no one is prepared for what's to come. Don't let anyone tell you how you are supposed to feel + when. If things click for you right away, great! If they don't + it takes a little or a lot of time, that's fine too! As long as you are doing the best you can, there's no better start than that. Otherwise, you'll be too busy stressing over how things are SUPPOSED to be than truly seeing the beauty in how things actually are.

Call your mom + have a good cry
 No one understands your exact situation better than your mom. She raised you after all!
There are so many times that I called my mom in tears over any and every thing. She was there for me every single time, no matter how big or small my thoughts were. She always knew what to say or do. And even if my problem wasn't completely solved, I always felt better because I knew she understood where I was coming from. {Trust me, in the beginning all you want is someone who understands you! Haha} Thanks mom, love you!

You don't have to take EVERYONE'S advice
Don't get me wrong, there are times when you will want/need outside advice. Or you will find yourself googling "co-sleeping rules" at 2am. At the same time there will be people who will give you UNSOLICITED advice or have comments about what you should or should not do. Remember you are the one in this situation + you know what is best for your baby, end of story. You will know what to filter in/out when it comes to advice from others. No matter where it's coming from, just smile + wave.

Sleep when the baby sleeps 
This is the most basic of baby advice, but OH SO KEY! Those dishes will always be there, the clothes will always need folding, you can vacuum later! Sleep + SANITY are too precious + the only way to function!

DON'T compare your baby to others 
This one is SO hard, especially if you have your baby around the same time as a friend or family member. How can a baby be an individual if you want them to be like everyone else?! Try to remember that not all babies are the same. BQ started walking at 9 months, but other babies her age started teething as early as 3 months. BQ was pretty bald majority of her first year while other babies her age had a head full of hair. The more time you spend thinking about what your baby is not doing, the more you are missing out on what they already are doing!
{This also goes for not comparing yourself to other mom's, but I'm pretty sure that topic could be it's own separate post!}

Document everything
I'm not saying you have to post every.single.thing your baby does! {If I posted every little thing of BQ you would probably unfollow me, plus that's what Snap Chat is for, right?!} One thing I made sure to do was take a picture of BQ every month for the first year. I love to look back at those photos to see how much she changed! Another thing that I actually regret is that I only have ONE photo of me + BQ at the hospital after she was born {+ my mom actually took it without me realizing it}. That's definitely not a moment we would get to "re-do", so try to document as much as you can from the beginning. 

Motherhood + perfection are not in the same sentence
The minute you think you've got this mom thing down *SPOILER ALERT*
YOUR BABY WILL CHANGE. Whether it's sleeping/eating habits, milestones, their personality in general + don't even get me started on teething! You will go nuts waiting for everything to be perfect. Just roll with the punches. That's what your baby has been
doing the entire time anyway!

So there you have it. My motherhood experience so far. Was there anything you could relate to? Or anything you have personally learned, whether you are a first time mom or not? Feel free to comment your thoughts below. Mommin' DEFINITELY ain't easy, but just like EVERYONE says, I honestly wouldn't change a thing.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! It was real and honest and gave me a lot to think about :)

    1. Thank you for reading this + stopping by our blog! Feel free to share with anyone you think will benefit from it. Glad you enjoyed this post, I wanted to make it as honest as possible!