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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine."

I recently came across this quote while scrolling through the 'gram + it gave me instant inspiration for this post. We are in the final s t r e t c h of winter. Even though we have had a few more glimpses of spring lately, *NEWSFLASH* IT IS STILL TECHNICALLY WINTER! + if you are a Michigander then you know ITS NEVER TRULY OVER + we all collectively hold our breath until April. 

I promise I'm not trying to be a downer today, but winter is my least favorite season. The days seem so long + and I feel like I can never get warm enough. + to be completely honest, every time this season rolls around I have serious bouts of seasonal depression. Being a wife + a mom, I can't mentally stay in that depressed state for long, because I always have to be something for someone. So today I'm sharing five ways that I push through the winter blues. I hope they will help anyone who feels like I do this time of year.

Let The Light In
A simple way to start your day is to literally let the light in. I try to open the blinds first thing in the morning. Winter brings a lot of gloomy days in Michigan, but there is something beautiful about inviting the natural light into my living space. Keeping the blinds closed only worsens my mood, so letting the light in is an instant boost for me mentally.

Get Some Fresh Air
It may seem counterproductive, but GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! It's amazing what a shot of fresh air can do for your mood. Yes, it's cold, but the crispness of the air does wonders. I have to thank my husband when it comes to this because he always finds ways to motivate me to get up + get out this time of year. He always knows when I need that little push.

Treat Yourself
Winter is a great time of year to pamper or treat yourself. West Michigan winters bring LOTS of snow + below freezing temps, so I use that as an opportunity to splurge on a must have item, like a winter coat. This year I treated myself to a new leather jacket {featured here} + it truly made me feel better. Maybe you like to focus on your skin care or beauty routine when temps drop. Test out new products + take advantage of online shopping!

Dress The Part
This is probably my favorite way to deal with the winter blues. Opt for unexpected, brighter colors when it comes to your style. Use winter as an opportunity to amp up your beauty routine. A red coat or lip can be an instant mood booster! Looking great makes you feel great + that will not only cheer you up, but will also bring light to those around you.

Focus On What You Love Most
For me that's my family + friends. Despite dreading winter, I can honestly say I have had some of my favorite moments with my husband + BQ. I can't help but light up when BQ looks out the window + says "SNOW?! WOW!" Plus, my husband + I have been having a lot of "date night's in" where we binge watch Netflix, watch a movie we didn't get to see in theaters {because, parenthood}, + perfect our wine + charcuterie parings! Whether it's family time or perfecting a hobby, focusing on what makes you happy will always improve how you feel emotionally.

How do you cope with the winter blues? Were these simple steps helpful? Comment any suggestions or feedback! Lets go into this last bit of winter with a positive outlook. + don't forget to be the sunshine that you want to see!

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