Test Drive x Bell Sleeve + Why I Love Custom Pieces

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Test Drive x Bell Sleeve + Why I Love Custom Pieces

If you follow my blog closely, then you know about my obsession with Iconoclasp {a local clothing line designed by the AMAZING Ashley Triêu}. Her pieces are not only on trend, they are unique + truly one of a kind. When I had the opportunity to hang out with her one evening + get an inside look at her collection, I literally fan-girled over every.single.thing! I tried on the original version of this top {here} + completely fell in love with it, ESPECIALLY the bell sleeve element! The only thing was that it was super cropped, even with my highest of waist denim. What I love about Ashley is she immediately came up with a solution to add  fabric to the existing top + make it more "me". This is the end result + I love it even more! Having my first custom piece makes me feel SO special, which is how you should feel in whatever you wear! Take a look at how I styled my new piece below + I'm 100% sure this isn't the last time Iconoclasp will make an appearance on the blog. 

Check out my last Test Drive style featuring embroidery, here.

Outfit Details
Statement Earring | Amazon
Ebb & Flow Puff Sleeve Peasant Top | Iconoclasp {S O L D O U T}
White Pant | Old Navy {Here}
Caged Heel | Old 

Mom Life, C U R R E N T L Y || 10 Mom + Mini Date Ideas ft. Skechers

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mom Life, C U R R E N T L Y || 10 Mom + Mini Date Ideas ft. Skechers

If you have been following Currently Kherington closely, then you know that I am officially a stay at home mom who also works from home. Being home with BQ more has been amazing + with the weather FINALLY looking up {shoutout to #puremichigan} I am planning ways to spend quality time together. Below are 10 date ideas for mom + mini featuring our mommy + me sneakers we received from Skechers!

Explore the city
Pack up the stroller + your favorite snacks, it's time to get out of the house. Sometimes the best dates are when you don't have a set plan. {Kids are unpredictable anyways, might as well roll with it, right?} Explore your city with your mini. Head downtown wherever you live + discover new hidden gems. 

Playtime at the park
This is probably the number one date idea for everyone, but you can never go wrong with an afternoon at the park. Every mini LOVES running around, climbing + sliding. BQ loves the swings. Plus this date is a great way to connect with other mom's + their mini's. So invite a friend or meet someone new. It's a win/win either way. Your kid gets a chance to be social, while you get a chance to talk to an actual adult! {There's only so much toddler talk you can take in a day! Trust me!}

Scout out your favorite animals at the zoo
The zoo is a great opportunity to teach your mini about animal life! You could even use it as an excuse to get your walk in for the day. I can't wait to take BQ to our local zoo! We took her last year on vacation, but she was only 7 months old so it was more watching than actual doing. This time around she will actually be able to say animal names + even imitate them! 

Get artsy at the museum
Add a little culture to your day + check out your local museum. We have FIVE museums just located downtown where we live, including a Children's Museum {where we took these photos}. On specific days some museums even have a discounted rate or are even free after a certain time. They may even offer special programs/activities for kids. 

Schedule a photoshoot
It may be the blogger in me, but I LOVE scheduling a photoshoot with BQ. You can coordinate looks + head to a kid friendly location. They will make for cute photos + even better memories. I suggest that the photos are as candid as possible {even if your kid is having a meltdown}. *If you want to avoid a freakout, make sure your mini is well fed + completely napped {that goes for you too}!

Picnic lunch date
Now that BQ pretty much eats any + everything, lunch dates are our JAM! I've been trying to have one with her once a week. If the thought of sitting down at a restaurant with your mini gives you anxiety, don't worry! Grab your food on the go + have a picnic instead. That way you can still eat your favorites {I'm talking to you Chipotle} + some fresh air too!

Indoor pillow fort + a movie
This is my favorite, especially for a rainy day. I have so many childhood memories with my younger brother building pillow forts. I even built one for BQ recently + she absolutely loved it! This is a great chance to snuggle with your mini + watch their favorite movie, even doing a mini marathon. {BRB, we are binge watching Toy Story!}

Thrift shopping
Play dress up + go thrift shopping! Teach your little one what vintage REALLY means. Plus, you'll be able to score some unique finds for the both of you! We frequent multiple Goodwill locations, but I'm sure you already knew that!

A day at the beach
Who doesn't love some fun in the sun?! + summertime on Lake Michigan is THE BEST! Lay out in some coordinating mom + mini swimwear + load up on the beach toys! BQ loved the beach last year, so I know this year will be even better for her now that she is older!

Roll, bounce, skate
Switch things up + head to your local rollerskating rink. Your mini is never too young to learn. {I can't remember not know how to roller-skate.} Some rinks even have special times specifically for mom's + their kids. + if you fall, no big deal. A great way to teach your mini to always get back up with a smile on their face. 

What do you enjoy to do with your mini? We would love to hear your suggestions. Comment your ideas below! + stay tuned, a series will be coming that documents our day dates! 

Outfit Details
Chambray Top | HM {Similar Here}
Striped Top | Old Navy {Similar Here}
Black Jeans | TJMaxx {Here}
Flex Appeal 2.0 Bold Move | c/o Skechers {Here}

Chambray Top | Old {Similar Here}
Patterned Jersey Dress | H&M {Similar Here}
Skech-Lite | c/o Skechers {Here, S O L D O U T}

*All photos were taken by Ashley Wierenga of Sincerely Ashley!

*This post was first seen on Currently Kherington and sponsored by Skechers
All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The Mom-iform - How to Mom in Style ft. PinkBlush

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Mom-iform - How to Mom in Style ft. PinkBlush

Today, I am talking about the "mom-iform" + how to mom in style. Yes, you read that right + yes, I totally made that up! 

So you are probably wondering, "what is a mom-iform"? 
Put simply, it's a style uniform for mom's. Everyone has their go-to look when it comes to their personal style, but I feel like it's even more important to master one as a mom. I can honestly say that since having Bentlee {she will be two in September} my style has changed. Not in a bad way! Practicality + comfort have become my number one priority. With that being said, I have managed to achieve balance in my everyday look without having to sacrifice style! {THANK GOODNESS!} 

Here's what you need to know when creating your "mom-iform"...

Figure out what your style is
Get a good idea of what your style consists of by learning what you like. 
Start by thinking about someone's style you admire, like a close friend or celebrity. Try to pinpoint exactly what you like about their style + make it work for you. I am OBSESSED with Rihanna! {She's my BFF in my head!} I incorporate her unique style into mine by sporting a bold lip color on a Tuesday or styling sneakers with a dress instead of heels. 
You can also think about what you like to wear. If you are a leggings + sweatpants kind of girl, elevate your look with the athleisure trend. Rather wear a t-shirt + jeans? Mix up your look with bold accessories. Once you have perfected this, it will make getting ready SO MUCH EASIER! {Which is important when you have to get a mini version of you ready too!}

Find the balance between comfort + style
Figure out what comfort + style looks like to you. 
I mentioned this earlier + I will say this is something that is very important to me. There's a misconception that you can't have both + that is SO untrue. {Be the mom that can do both!} Even Victoria Beckham has traded in her heels for sneakers lately! I recently swapped out my traditional purse for a backpack. It keeps me handsfree since I literally chase BQ everywhere! + I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear it because of it's blush hue {which is now trending for spring}!  

Quality is key
Don't get me wrong I LOVE A GOOD DEAL, but when it comes to creating your mom-iform you quickly learn that quality is key. I have definitely invested in more quality pieces since becoming a mom + that's simply because I need + want things to last. Not only do you shop for yourself, but you also have a mini to shop for, + their needs ALWAYS come before yours. There are so many times when I'm shopping that I will put everything I wanted for myself back because I found so many amazing things for BQ. If you feel like you aren't able to shop for yourself as much as you used to, invest in quality pieces for your wardrobe. 

To show you how I mom in style, I have teamed up with PinkBlush, a trendy online boutique that always has the modern mom in mind! I have styled two of their spring pieces, which will be in heavy rotation with the rest of my wardrobe!

The Kimono
Elevate your basic tank + jeans with a printed kimono. The lightweight fabric will keep your look fresh, while also making you feel like a literal superhero when you are chasing your mini around town. You can also style a kimono with a solid colored dress + sneakers. 

The Midi Dress
Add a midi dress to your "mom-iform" rotation. The length is ideal for the mom on the go. For a little edge, pair this feminine piece with an unexpected element, like a denim jacket. You could also style this dress alone with a pair of neutral flats, sandals, or white sneakers. {+ yes, this dress does have pockets!}

I want to know - what's your "mom-iform"? 
+ for the record, whoever said mom's can't have style obviously wasn't doing it right! 

Outfit Details
KK Look 1
Pink Floral Chiffon Oversized Kimono | c/o PinkBlush {Here}
Bodysuit | Forever 21 {Here}
White Pant | Old Navy {Here}
Caged Heel | Old

KK Look 2
Light Blue Striped Ruffle Trim Midi Dress | c/o PinkBlush
Denim Jacket | TJMaxx {Similar Here}
Caged Heel | Old

Denim Jacket + Loafers | Old Navy {Here}
Printed Dress | H&M {Similar Here}

*This post is sponsored by PinkBlush.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Locals Connect ft. Just Bri Yourself + Alfield Reeves Photography

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Locals Connect ft. Just Bri Yourself + Alfield Reeves Photography

I am SO excited to finally share my first blogger to blogger collaboration! It's only right to thank Alfield Reeves for making this happen, bringing myself + Brianna of Just Bri Yourself together, + shooting *AMAZING* photo content! 
This is what happens when locals connect!

This was my first time ever shooting with a fellow style influencer + professional photographer. We had been talking about collaborating for a while. We initally connected via Instagram, naturally following each other since we all dwell in the same city. Alfield took the initiative + invited us out for coffee a few months ago. Our creative minds immediately got to work. We all instantly vibed, completely forgetting that we arrived as strangers. 

We finally were able to coordinate our schedules + nail down a shoot date. I will say the day of the photo shoot I was a little nervous, especially never collaborating in this way before. Once we started shooting, all of that went away immediately! Partnering with like-minded creatives, no matter what the task may be, is ALWAYS beneficial! We all clicked, just like our initial meeting at the coffee shop. I felt so comfortable shooting with Bri + Alfield. We fed off of each other's energy, giving feedback throughout the shoot. In a setting that would seem competitive {being of the same style niche} there was nothing but love! Working side by side with Bri + Alfield made me want to give 100%! This was their photoshoot as much as it was mine, so I had to come correct!

In the end, this collaboration made me feel even more confident than when I arrived. + reminded me that stepping out of your comfort zone + challenging yourself is always worth it! I am looking forward to future collaborations with these two! Until then, I'll just keep obsessing over these photos! 

Outfit Details
Fringe Earrings | Kohls {Old}
Mirrored Sunglasses | Aldo {Similar Here}
Lipstick | Marie Hunter Beauty in Showtime {Here}
Trench Jacket | Forever 21 {Here}
Floral Print Jumpsuit | TJMaxx {Similar Here}
Nude Heels | TJMaxx x Jessica Simpson {Old}

On Bri 
Wrap Crop Top + Earrings | Forever 21
Highwaisted Skirt | TJMaxx
Heels | Charlotte Russe
Bracelet | Coach

Follow Alfield Reeves Photography on Instagram {here} + check out his work on his website {here}, along with his blog post about this shoot {here}. For MAJOR style inspiration, follow Bri on Instagram {here} + subscribe to her style blog, Just Bri Yourself {here}.

*All photos were taken by Alfield Reeves Photography.

Test Drive x Embroidery + 4 Tips to Mastering Style Trends

Monday, May 1, 2017

Test Drive x Embroidery + 4 Tips to Mastering Style Trends

I'm kicking off May with a brand new style post!
+ can we talk about how it's even MAY ALREADY?! {April went by so fast!} 
Today, I am sharing a few tips when it comes to mastering style trends. Let's face it, there are always SO many trends to try, but you may wonder where to start or if they are even worth your time + money. As always, I got you girl! Let's get started!

Don't Break The Bank For It
This is my first tip when it comes to test driving trends. + that's the main reason why...IT'S A TREND! Unfortunately, trends fade fast, + living in the Midwest, we always seem to be the last to get the style memo. So unless you are on the pulse of fashion, step away from the off the shoulder tops! {For now!} Generally, I don't spend over $20 for much, ESPECIALLY not a trend. {Unless I REALLY love the piece or its going to last me forever.} Before you rush out + buy that must have piece, make sure you have an idea of how much you want to spend.

Stick To Neutrals
 No matter the trend, it's best to stick to neutral colors or classic silhouettes. That way you can get a lot of mileage out of your piece + mix + match it throughout your existing wardrobe. + if/when it goes "out of style", you can still get away with it. I like to stick to black, white, or nude when trying trends. My black floral embroidery top from SheIn is the perfect example of this. I can wear it with distressed jeans now, white shorts in the summertime, + even a black leather skirt when fall rolls around. Win, Win, Win!

Don't Go Crazy
When you finally choose what trend you are going to test drive, DON'T GO CRAZY! {See Off the Shoulder comment in tip one! Lol!} Personally, I try not to purchase more than three of what I like! Fortunately, this is my one + only embroidered piece, so if I do decide to add more I would go for a dress or skirt option to mix things up. Trust me, you don't want to go all in for multiple trends. That is the quickest way to wardrobe turnover + spending more money than necessary.

Test Drive When YOU'RE Ready
My final + favorite tip - DO YOU, BOO! Seriously, test drive trends when you're ready to. It's so easy to get caught up in the hype when it comes to fashion trends. Wearing certain pieces because EVERYONE has it. What's most important is that you feel CONFIDENT in whatever you wear. That's when you become a true style leader, no matter the trend. 

What trends are you test driving this season? Comment your favorites below! 
Thanks for spending your Monday with me! 
Happy Styling!

Outfit Details
Leather Effect Jacket | Zara {Here}
Black Embroidered Rose Applique Mesh Top | SheIn {Here}
Distressed Jeans | Target {Similar Here}
Lace Up Flats | DSW {Similar Here}

*All photos were taken by Ashley Wierenga of Sincerely Ashley!