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Monday, May 15, 2017

If you have been following Currently Kherington closely, then you know that I am officially a stay at home mom who also works from home. Being home with BQ more has been amazing + with the weather FINALLY looking up {shoutout to #puremichigan} I am planning ways to spend quality time together. Below are 10 date ideas for mom + mini featuring our mommy + me sneakers we received from Skechers!

Explore the city
Pack up the stroller + your favorite snacks, it's time to get out of the house. Sometimes the best dates are when you don't have a set plan. {Kids are unpredictable anyways, might as well roll with it, right?} Explore your city with your mini. Head downtown wherever you live + discover new hidden gems. 

Playtime at the park
This is probably the number one date idea for everyone, but you can never go wrong with an afternoon at the park. Every mini LOVES running around, climbing + sliding. BQ loves the swings. Plus this date is a great way to connect with other mom's + their mini's. So invite a friend or meet someone new. It's a win/win either way. Your kid gets a chance to be social, while you get a chance to talk to an actual adult! {There's only so much toddler talk you can take in a day! Trust me!}

Scout out your favorite animals at the zoo
The zoo is a great opportunity to teach your mini about animal life! You could even use it as an excuse to get your walk in for the day. I can't wait to take BQ to our local zoo! We took her last year on vacation, but she was only 7 months old so it was more watching than actual doing. This time around she will actually be able to say animal names + even imitate them! 

Get artsy at the museum
Add a little culture to your day + check out your local museum. We have FIVE museums just located downtown where we live, including a Children's Museum {where we took these photos}. On specific days some museums even have a discounted rate or are even free after a certain time. They may even offer special programs/activities for kids. 

Schedule a photoshoot
It may be the blogger in me, but I LOVE scheduling a photoshoot with BQ. You can coordinate looks + head to a kid friendly location. They will make for cute photos + even better memories. I suggest that the photos are as candid as possible {even if your kid is having a meltdown}. *If you want to avoid a freakout, make sure your mini is well fed + completely napped {that goes for you too}!

Picnic lunch date
Now that BQ pretty much eats any + everything, lunch dates are our JAM! I've been trying to have one with her once a week. If the thought of sitting down at a restaurant with your mini gives you anxiety, don't worry! Grab your food on the go + have a picnic instead. That way you can still eat your favorites {I'm talking to you Chipotle} + some fresh air too!

Indoor pillow fort + a movie
This is my favorite, especially for a rainy day. I have so many childhood memories with my younger brother building pillow forts. I even built one for BQ recently + she absolutely loved it! This is a great chance to snuggle with your mini + watch their favorite movie, even doing a mini marathon. {BRB, we are binge watching Toy Story!}

Thrift shopping
Play dress up + go thrift shopping! Teach your little one what vintage REALLY means. Plus, you'll be able to score some unique finds for the both of you! We frequent multiple Goodwill locations, but I'm sure you already knew that!

A day at the beach
Who doesn't love some fun in the sun?! + summertime on Lake Michigan is THE BEST! Lay out in some coordinating mom + mini swimwear + load up on the beach toys! BQ loved the beach last year, so I know this year will be even better for her now that she is older!

Roll, bounce, skate
Switch things up + head to your local rollerskating rink. Your mini is never too young to learn. {I can't remember not know how to roller-skate.} Some rinks even have special times specifically for mom's + their kids. + if you fall, no big deal. A great way to teach your mini to always get back up with a smile on their face. 

What do you enjoy to do with your mini? We would love to hear your suggestions. Comment your ideas below! + stay tuned, a series will be coming that documents our day dates! 

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*All photos were taken by Ashley Wierenga of Sincerely Ashley!

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  1. Bookmarking this because I've got to get these babies out of the house!!! And I just love those sneakers!!!

    1. Aw thank you! I'm happy to pass along a few of my ideas. It's been so nice here + getting her out of the house does wonders for the both of us!

  2. Such great ideas - I might have to find a place where my little guy and I can go skating. Sounds like so much fun! And both of your sneakers are too cute!

    1. Thank you + thanks for reading! Yes, roller skating is so fun. (I actually met my husband at a roller skating rink + we go a lot more in the winter time)

  3. This is awesome! Definitely going to try some of these! I'm going to shoot for the photoshoot 1st!