C U R R E N T L Y Blogging || 5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

Monday, August 14, 2017

*Photography x Ashley Wierenga

Welcome to CURRENTLY Blogging, a new lifestyle series.

I'm thinking about blogging, but where do I start? What is my niche? How do you grow a genuine following? Do I need a photographer? What type of content should I create?

These are just a few of MANY questions I receive via casual conversation, Instagram comments, DM's, + emails. They are even questions I had when I first started my blog journey in 2012. Today, I'm sharing what I have learned while blogging + how you can work one on one with me.

Consistency is EVERYTHING
Let's start with consistency. I don't know why, but I feel like it needs to be repeated - CONSISTENCY IS EVERYTHING! It not only keeps you organized + on a schedule, it also keeps your followers engaged. If you are consistent, then they will know when you will post + be genuinely excited for your content. Plus, staying consistent keeps your brand or blog on your followers minds. If you only post once or twice a week, you can't expect to get much feedback from your following. + with algorithms constantly changing {I'm talking to you Instagram} its easy to get lost in the social media shuffle. Start by setting a goal to post once a day {M-F} to your favorite social network. Once you have mastered that, then maybe focus on the time of day you would like to post {IG is helpful in this area with analytics if you have a business account}. When you get a good handle on this, then everything else will fall into place. 

Know Your Niche + Learn Your Audience
Whenever someone asks me "what is my niche", I always respond with "what do people ask you about most". The key to learning your niche + your audience is L I S T E N I N G . If you listen to {or read} what people want to know from you, then you figure out your area of authority. For example, when it came to creating my blog I knew it would have to incorporate style since I am always complimented {by complete strangers} on my outfits, asked where I shop for myself + Bentlee, or how I find such good deals. Now that I am a mom, I noticed that whenever I post something "unfiltered" about mom life, that's where I get the most response. I first realized this when I wrote a blog post about what motherhood has taught me so far {here}. That post is still my most engaged, liked, + shared content. 

Quality Over Quantity...period
Out of any tip I can share, THIS is the most important. When it comes to blogging, it is so easy to get caught up in likes + follows. Especially when you can literally compare your blogging experience to another by 12 pretty squares we call an Insta-feed. For myself personally, once I mastered quality content, the quantity of followers didn't matter anymore. Quality content can be measured in many ways. From your photography style, to your Instagram aesthetic, to clever captions, to how quickly you respond to followers.

Community Over Competition
Which leads me to my next point, the importance of building a community over competition. Genuine engagement from followers comes from a sense of community. Respond to every comment, DM, + email. Engage with your followers via their pages too {they may have a blog, small business or even killer style that interests you}. Reach out to creatives in your area. There are SO many new local creatives I have met this year that truly inspire me, but also are my biggest cheerleaders {+ I fangirl over their every move too}. We support each others posts + events + even work side by side on our projects at local coffee shops. This is where you will find even more joy in blogging, when you know you have a community behind you every step of the way. 

That idea that you have? DO IT! That blog name you love? Buy a domain. That event you want to host because you see a need for it in your city? Run with it! {Talking to myself here, lol} Whatever it is you want to do JUST START ALREADY! Even if you are a perfectionist + it's not 100% the way you want it, just do it. There have been too many times that I've had an idea + literally sat on it {for too long}, only to see another influencer execute it. The sooner you put yourself out there, the sooner you can learn, receive the feedback you need, + grow your blog.

*Outfit Details || Earrings x Francescas | Lippie x Colourpop Cosmetics {Shade|Saigon} | 
Bell Sleeve Top x HM | Culottes x TJMaxx | Block Heel x Target 

I hope this post was beneficial in helping you to either take that initial step to start a blog or evaluating where you are in your blogging journey. 

I am also excited to announce that I have added a new service to Currently Kherington. I now offer Content Creation Consultations! If you have ever wanted to "pick my brain" + bounce around ideas, this one is for you. Whether you are just starting out with blogging, need assistance with content creation, or even a business who would like help with social media - I got you covered! Consultations can also be done over the phone, virtually, or over a cup of coffee!
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I look forward to working one on one with you soon. 

If you have any other questions or blogging topics you would like to see in this series, let me know in the comments. I have a feeling there will be another Instagram Live session featuring this post + your questions in the future.


  1. I couldn't agree more about every single one of these things! I also believe in quality over quantity, I only post once a week but every single week, no matter how busy am I or if I'm on a trip. Getting to know your audience and be part of the blogging community seeing each other as friends not competition is SO important. I wish more bloggers realized that.


    1. Cristina,
      Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback. I am so happy that we are on the same page with my tips in this post. I also wish more bloggers were about community too! Yes, the blogging community is saturated, but our journey and stories are different. Blogging is hard work and because of that we should all support each other since we all know what it's like. Thanks for commenting here and on my Instagram too! I'll be checking out your blog and following you soon! :)

  2. Every last tip on here......a must! I'm definitely going to take this and apply it to reaching my goals! Thanks so much for the tips! Your killing the game right now with this rebrand!

    1. Thank you Kelli! You are the best. It makes me happy to know that my tips were helpful for you + where you want to take your brand. I'm even more excited that you are enjoying my rebrand too! That means SO much!