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Thursday, August 31, 2017

*Sponsored by Marie La Mode
*Photography x Ashley Wierenga

Welcome back to CURRENTLY Styling!

When seasons change my style tends to transition with it. Whether that means updating classic must haves, cutting my hair {again}, or revamping my makeup routine. While it's beneficial to perfect your style uniform, it's also important to switch up your look every once in a while too! I'm naturally a "go left when everyone else goes right" kind of girl, especially when it comes to style. Today, I'm sharing a few ways you can step up + outside of your style comfort zone.  

Find Your Inspiration
Whenever someone asks me about how to find their personal style, I always want to know what they are inspired by. We naturally pull inspiration from so many areas in life, even if it's not intentional. Is there a color you are drawn to? Opt for a bolder or more feminine version of that hue. Is there a celebrity who's style you admire? Figure out why + create your personal style around that. Everyone knows I LOVE RIHANNA! When I think of a style icon, she is the first that comes to mind. She's a risk taker + rule breaker, so a lot of my personal style inspiration comes from her, especially when I want to take a break from the norm. Whether that's mixing bold prints, experimenting with accessories, or opting for a bold{er} lip.

Confidence is Key
No matter what you categorize your personal style as, the driving factor is CONFIDENCE! If you don't feel confident you won't feel comfortable, especially if you are trying to step OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. I know I feel most confident in certain silhouettes, like a pair of high waist jeans. When I'm looking to switch up my look, I elevate what I'm comfortable with. Case and point, my look courtesy of Marie La Mode. I don't own any two piece looks, but I am a sucker for a higher waist. My look is on trend with the ruffle crop top, but I'm also in a color I wouldn't normally wear. + while everyone is wearing a skinnier pant, I fell in love with the ease of the wide leg option. 

 What's Your Lifestyle
The best time to experiment with your style is when you experience a lifestyle change. That could be finishing college + discovering your #girlboss look that's a bit more professional. Or even becoming a new mom + elevating your wardrobe with classic pieces that are still on trend. + remember just because you're switching up your style doesn't mean your old style was outdated. You're evolving as a person + your style should too!

*Outfit Details || Earrings x Francescas | Sunglasses x Aldo | Lippie x Colourpop Cosmetics {Shade|Saigon} | Retro Vibe Crop Top + Highwaist Pant c/o Marie La Mode | Platform Heels {Old}

Thank you to Marie La Mode for pushing me outside of my style comfort zone this week. Trust + believe this look will be on repeat, even breaking up the pieces throughout my wardrobe. + this won't be the last time I style a look from this mobile boutique. {#staytuned}

Do you like to switch up your look or stick to certain pieces? Sound off in the comments! + as always, Happy Styling!

*This post is sponsored by Marie La Mode. All content and opinions are my own.


  1. Kherrington, that jumpsuit looks fabulous on you!

    1. Thank you Shannae! It's actually two pieces, but I love that it looks like a jumpsuit too! I can't wait to style the pieces separately.

  2. You looks stunnning!
    I agree with your three steps. Especially about confidence. I love it when a piece of clothing feels comfortable, like my own skin and that makes me feel really confident :)


    1. Thank you Cristina, you are exactly right! I could not have said that better! Confidence is key in everything, especially when it comes to personal style.