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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Happy Weekend Everyone!

A blog post on a Saturday is a RARE occasion for me, but this one seriously couldn't wait until Monday. Today, I am sharing my opening night experience of the play Detroit '67, by Dominique Morisseau via Ebony Road Players.

You know I love nothing more than when collaboration meets community, + this play did just that! Detroit '67 is a first time collaboration between Ebony Road Players, SiTE:LAB, + The Grand Rapids African American Museum of Archives. The play takes place during the 1967 riots through the perspective of siblings trying to make it through day to day life. What I love most about this play is even though it's based 50 years ago, it still has relevance today. It balances humor + history in a powerful way, driven by a Motown soundtrack.  

SiTE:LAB's current space is the perfect location for Detroit '67. It's atmosphere supports the historic backdrop of the play, along with creating an intimate experience for the audience. This is the first time I've experienced a play where I was on the same level as the actors. I also loved that Act I + II are performed on opposite sides of the stage to physically support the shift of the play's content vibe.

All of the actors give an amazing performance, with 4 out of 5 as first timers to theater. They all are also local talent, which creates even more authenticity overall. My favorite character is Bunny, played by Tova Jones - a Flint native. She brings all the sass + style to the story, something that resonates with me 100%.

Detroit '67 has five more showings in the week ahead, including two SOLD OUT nights! 
For more details + to purchase tickets, head over to Ebony Road Players website, here.

*This content is sponsored by Ebony Road Players + The Matthew Agency. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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