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Monday, January 1, 2018

Seven Tips for Rebranding Your Blog

New Year, New Blog Post! I am so excited to kick off 2018 with a fresh post via the CURRENTLY Blogging series. Can you believe it's almost been SIX MONTHS since my CURRENTLY Kherington rebrand?! Transforming my blog space was the best decision I made in 2017, but also required some serious focus + work behind the scenes. If you are looking to refresh your current blog or planning to start your blogging journey in 2018, this post is for you! Today, I'm sharing my personal experience, along with SEVEN tips for rebranding your blog + how we can work at this blogging thing one on one in 2018. 

Seven Tips for Rebranding Your Blog

Finally Purchase A Domain
Did you know "CURRENTLY Kherington" was on my initial list of blog names when I relaunched in 2016? I went with The Kierra Quinn since my content was more mommy and me centered. They say hindsight is 20/20 + if I trusted my gut then, I could have secured the CURRENTLY Kherington domain WAYYYY earlier! If you are in the process of selecting a blog name, gon' head + make it official by purchasing your domain. This secures that the name you love is not taken + gives you a fresh direction for the New Year. If you already have a blog name that's not in line with the direction you want to take in 2018, definitely consider selecting a new name + purchasing a domain to go along with it. I purchased mine via the platform I currently host on, but many bloggers also use BlueHost or GoDaddy.

Create/Refresh Your Logo
With a new name the natural next step would be a new logo. This is the key to creating your brand + overall look. Your logo is one of the initial ways your audience will immediately recognize your content. I already envisioned mine as font based with a pop of color. I'm super into calligraphy + wanted a handwritten aspect too. Shoutout to my #instagramhusband for creating my logo when I rebranded. If you are in the position to create your own logo definitely get started, but you can always hire out this service to a professional graphic designer while you focus on everything else your rebrand needs! 

Update Your Blog Layout/Theme
When I officially decided I was going to rebrand, I knew this was one of the first elements that needed to change. My previous blog layout/theme was NOT functional whatsoever + didn't fit the visual vibe I was going for. Since I was planning to stay with my current blog platform, updating the look of my blog was one of my easier steps. I purchased my blog template via Etsy + the designer installed it for me on the back end. I now have a fully functional web design + clean aesthetic that's the perfect fit for my rebrand. 

Archive Your Instagram Posts
Let's be real, how far into your favorite blogger's feed do you really go? Or maybe you have switched up the vibe of your photos + feel like your previous posts don't "flow". Freshen up your IG page with the archive option. T.Swift used this strategy when she launched her Reputation album + everyone was buzzin' about it. {Seriously, her fans freaked out because all of her previous photos were GONE! All the branding lovers knew she was just prepping for her next move!} Kim K even did it when she returned to social media + still uses this strategy whenever her visual aesthetic shifts. Not only does archiving your photos build anticipation + buzz around your blog/brand, it is a way to create a visual fresh start. {Plus, you never lose your photos when you archive + can always neatly place them back into your feed!}

Revamp Your Editing Skills
Aesthetic is the main name of the blogging game. What better way to start off the New Year than with a fresh edit?! I currently use the VSCO app to edit my photos + I love it. When I rebranded, I simply switched from using the HB1 filter {blue undertones} to A6 {cleaner contrast} within the app. I now use the same A6 filter to edit ALL of my photos. This editing strategy insures a cohesive look across all of my social media platforms + blog posts. 

Switch Up Your Writing Style
When it comes to your written content, make sure it's as true to you as possible. Quality written content is where you can allow your personality to truly shine! If you are a music lover, incorporate catchy lyrics into your blog titles or posts. Another simple way to switch up your writing style is to do the complete opposite of what you are doing now. Experiment with witty tag lines or storytelling with longer, lifestyle content. When I rebranded, I started incorporating the word C U R R E N T L Y throughout ALL of my content {Instagram, IG Stories, Facebook, + blog titles}. It has become a noteworthy part of my branding + an element I receive compliments on all the time. {I initially thought it would be annoying, but I'm glad you enjoy it.} Whatever you decide, stay consistent so your audience knows what to expect. 

Capitalize On Your Most Popular Content
This is one of my favorite rebranding strategies. The best way to know what you should be posting is to hone in on your popular posts. This gives your blog solid direction. Since this strategy is based on analytics/statistics, your rebranded content will always be a hit with your audience + {again} they know what to expect from you. If you are an OG in the blog game, then you know a lot of the first year is trial + error of figuring out what works + what doesn't. Once you crank out content your audience L O V E S, everything else falls into place {engaged audience, increased following/visibility, loving what you do}. I've come to find that my popular content consists of all things style + unfiltered #momlife - areas of my life that come naturally for me to write about.

Seven Tips for Rebranding Your Blog

Seven Tips for Rebranding Your Blog

Seven Tips for Rebranding Your Blog
Outfit Details || Blazer c/o Goodwill | Tank Top x Old Navy | Jeans x Target {Similar Here} | Sock Boots x Marshalls {Similar Here}

*Bonus Tip* Remember Your "Why"
Whether you are launching a brand new blog for 2018 or continuing after years of the blog hustle, remembering why you started is key! Coming from the place of "why" keeps your content authentically genuine. This will ALWAYS resonate with your audience, be the motivator behind every single thing you do, + the reason you keep pushing forward no matter what.

Are you planning to start your blogging journey in 2018? If you are already in the blog game, have you implemented any of these tips into your current brand? Chat with me in the comments about your blog goals + ideas for the New Year.

I am also excited to announce that I'm currently booking Content Creation Consultations for 2018! Allow me to assist you with bouncing around ideas for the beginnings of your blog or a solid content plan for the New Year. Head over to my Content Creation page for a detailed list of my services, pricing, or book an appointment with me. {YES, consulting sessions can be performed virtually!} 

Thanks for kicking off 2018 with me today. I can't wait to navigate the blogging world together!

Next week on CURRENTLY Kherington - 6 Ways to Elevate Your Personal Style!

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