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Monday, January 15, 2018

"Fitness?! More like FITNESS whole pizza in my mouth!"

This is a pretty hilarious quote I've seen floating around on a variety of Social Media platforms for a while. If you would have asked me about a fitness routine a year ago, this is probably {read: definitely} what I would have said {with every single bit of sass}. I'll be the first to admit that working out hasn't always worked out. Thanks to Studio Barre Grand Rapids that fact has recently changed. Today, I'm sharing why fitness + self care are now important to me, along with my recent experience at Studio Barre Grand Rapids.

Fitness + Self Care
This isn't the first time I've talked about self care on Currently Kherington. Since becoming BQ's mom in 2015, taking time to focus on me has become priority NUMBER ONE. I have learned that if I don't take time for myself I am no good to anyone else! A fitness routine has always been on my "to do" list. Whenever I committed to a workout in the past, I always LOVED how it made me feel, but that word "commit" has been hard to do. {I mean, after chasing around a toddler all day long, what energy do I even have left?} I finally realized that it wasn't working out that I couldn't commit to, it was a m i n d s e t. The mindset that if I could make time for binge watching Netflix {YES, I AM still watching Fuller House}, I can SURELY make time for a fitness routine. Self care isn't just about looking my best, but more importantly FEELING my best.

Fitness and Self Care

Why I'm CURRENTLY Loving Studio Barre
If you are a true friend of mine, then you know I LOVE to dance! Whether there is a designated dance floor or not {I once did an entire Britney Spears routine in a store aisle}, I will find any excuse to Milly Rock. Barre fitness is a 60 minute ballet inspired workout that's musically driven {cue the 90s hip hop} - a must in anything I do in life. My experience so far with this fitness routine has been the beginning of a CONSISTENT self care journey. What I love most about Studio Barre is that unlike any workouts I have done in the past, it challenges me. Since the workout itself consists of tight + isolated movement, I am forced to push past what my body was saying {MY THIGHS ARE BURNING} and tap into my mental strength. I have been able to cut out all distraction and focus on myself FOR AN HOUR and that always feels amazing. The women in my classes, the "barre tenders", and Anna (the owner of the Grand Rapids studio) have made me feel so welcome and empowered despite being a beginner. Barre fitness has officially become the workout routine that works for me, while adding an extra level of confidence I didn't realize I was missing. PLUS, I have even been going to 5:45 AM CLASSES! I guess I may end up being a "morning mom" after all. 

Fitness and Self Care

Fitness and Self Care

Fitness and Self Care

Fitness and Self Care

Fitness Tips and Self Care

Have you experienced a barre class before? What does your fitness routine look like for 2018? Share your workout motivation and chat with me in the comments. 

Thank you to Studio Barre Grand Rapids for an amazing fitness experience, building my confidence, and reminding me that self care/working out is ALWAYS a good idea. I think I'll celebrate this win with a slice of pizza. {Baby steps, right?!} 

To learn more about Studio Barre Grand Rapids, click here.

*This post was first seen on CURRENTLY Kherington and sponsored by Studio Barre. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. OMG I will be up there in a few weeks for a few days thank god I found this I will be attending. Barre is life

    1. That is awesome Christina! Hopefully we will be able to be BARRE BUDDIES and do a class together!