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Monday, January 22, 2018

Life With a Toddler

"How old is Bentlee?" 
"Ah! The T E R R I B L E T W O S !" 
"I hear three is worse!"

One question + two responses I hear on the regular when asked about toddler life. Everyone talks about "the terrible two's" or the dreaded "threenager". While I am 100% convinced that BQ is a real life sour patch kid most of the time {parents of toddlers know what I'm talkin' 'bout}, I have decided not to let that totally defeat me as a parent. Trust me, I KNOW mommin' ain't easy {more on that here}, but at the same time if I only focused on how hard it is to raise a toddler I would never get out of bed. Today, I'm sharing eight lessons my toddler has taught me. 

Life With a Toddler

P A T I E N C E Will Never Be Truly Mastered
"Do or do not, there is no try". Yes, I know Yoda said that in The Empire Strikes Back, but I'm still on a Star Wars high, so bear with me. I have learned that when it comes to patience it will never be truly mastered. There are some days when I'm better at this than others + that's okay. It's something I am CONSTANTLY having to work at. As much as I may try to teach patience to Bentlee, I know it's something she has to work at too. I actually find it funny that I am learning patience right alongside my daughter. 

Always Use Your Manners
One thing I love about BQ is that she is the most polite toddler I know. Seriously, even when she's throwing a fit she's screaming "NO THANK YOU" at the same time! As an adult, I sometimes find myself forgetting to use my manners {as much as I may remind my toddler too}. Sometimes I forget to say "thank you" to my husband for telling me I look beautiful when I'm a hot mess. Or "please" to my mom when I ask {read:BEG} her to keep BQ for the weekend. No matter how busy I tend to get, remembering my manners is still important. 

It's Okay to Cry {or show any emotion}
Gosh! This is a big one. Having a toddler has tested me in SO many ways + some days I literally want to or actually CRY! I don't know if it's exhaustion, frustration, or the fact that I'm parenting at toddler, but crying just happens. BQ rarely cried as a baby, but she has definitely mastered it now. When it's absolutely justified, I remind her that it's okay to cry {or show any kind of emotion she may be feeling} + in the end it's going to be okay. {9 times out of 10 it is + she's on to the next thing.}

Let It Go + Keep It Movin'
Remember when I called my toddler a sour patch kid, well this lesson is why. One minute BQ is sour + *LITERALLY* the next minute she is the absolute sweetest. She doesn't let a meltdown or an off moment effect her entire day. I know sometimes that's easier said than done, but something I also try to work at. As a mom, it's so easy to get down on myself about SO MANY THINGS, but I HAVE to push past the negativity + keep it movin'.

Celebrate the Smallest of Wins
BQ uses a singsong voice + dance whenever something amazing goes her way. Whether that's getting the snack she's been wanting, telling me when she has to use the potty, or receiving a "yes" to watching her favorite movie before bedtime. Her genuine excitement over every single thing is infectious + a lesson worth learning that sometimes the smallest of wins are just as worthwhile as the big ones. 

BQ hasn't officially hit the "why" stage of toddler life {thank goodness}, but she does still have her fair share of questions to ask. I don't know at what point in life that we start to feel silly or embarrassed to ask anything. Answering BQ's many questions reminds me to continue asking, even as an adult. Between motherhood + business, I have quickly learned I can't successfully go about either of those things alone. Asking + answering questions is the only way to move forward in any aspect of life.
Be Fully Present
BQ is ALL IN when doing something she loves. Sometimes it's hard to distract her depending on what it is. When BQ is coloring, playing in her kitchen, or hanging out in her tent she is FULLY present with her imagination. I wear so many hats, not just as a mom, but in general. It's easy to get caught up in a long list of to do's that will *SPOILER ALERT* always be there. I have learned to stop + be FULLY present, Especially when it comes to my time with BQ, date night with my husband, or some self care!

Love Myself...Always
BQ has been doing this thing lately where after I do her hair or get her dressed, she gives me a kiss, runs to the mirror + says, "thank you momma, SO CUTE!" While I laugh at her each + every time, I always am so proud of her self confidence at such an early age. I mentioned earlier about getting down on myself or beating myself up about things I do or don't execute perfectly. BQ has taught me that no matter how many #momfails I have in a day, I should love myself always! Not just because she is always watching me, but because she loves me u n c o n d i t i o n a l l y {no matter how many times I burn her breakfast}.

Life With a Toddler

Life With a Toddler

Life With a Toddler

Life With a Toddler
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Life with a toddler has its ups + downs, but it's the most unexpectedly rewarding life I could ever ask for. 

What have you learned from a toddler in your life lately? I would love to read about your life lessons in the comments. Also, share any #momlife topics you would like to see on the blog!

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