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Monday, February 19, 2018

*photography x Jonathan Chong

Raise your hand if you have been in hibernation since winter started.

I have been hibernating + perfecting my pj game at the same time. {I honestly only get dressed when I shoot for the blog, cowork with my blogger besties, sweat it out at Studio Barre GR, or head to Target.} While it's no surprise that winter has not been my jam {go home #puremichigan you're drunk}, I have been able to focus on self care while being homebound due to the ever shifting weather. Today on CURRENTLY Kherington, I am sharing five ways to treat yourself without leaving the house. + as a bonus, all of these activities can be done with coffee or wine in hand because WHY WOULD YOU DO IT ANY OTHER WAY?! 

A Relaxing Bath
When I think of self care, a relaxing bath is always the first thing that comes to mind. It may be the mom in me, but there's something about u n i n t e r r u p t e d time alone that's always a win. Setting aside time to soak in the tub before bed is one of the best ways to destress. You can even elevate the experience with a bath bomb or even a milk bath with flower petals. 

DIY Manicure + Pedicure
Before BQ was born, you would rarely see me without painted nails. I had a standing nail appointment at the home of a close friend + it always made me feel like me. These days a mani/pedi sesh is far + few between {my friend moved away + I can't always set aside time for an actual appointment}. The next best thing? Do it yourself! I recently watched a YouTube video by local vlogger babe Katie of What Kate Finds {here + here} + lets just say she made painting your nails at home look easy {+ now I'm on the hunt for the perfect Essie polish}. Grab a glass of wine, choose the perfect hue, + sip s l o w l y while you curate the perfect mani/pedi.

Online Shopping
If you know me then the fact that I love the "in-store" shopping experience should not surprise you. That being said, the cold winter days are reason enough for me to appreciate the convenience of online shopping {you never have to look for a close parking spot}. There's nothing like adding to cart while ooh-ing + ahh-ing over spring style trends. A few of my favorite stores to shop online are Asos, Forever 21, Target, + Zara. Besides the affordability factor, I know my size at all of these stores so it makes shopping online easier and less stressful for me. 

Perfect Your Skin Care Routine
I admit, I am not the best about taking off my makeup at night, but perfecting my skin care routine this winter has kept me more than accountable. There's just something about a fresh face makes me feel like I have it all together. I have been O B S E S S E D with Fox Naturals skin care line {I shared them recently here}. My favorite products include their charcoal collection {here} + the Blue Algae + Yellow Turmeric face masks {here + here}.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Show or Movie
On those days when we have been *literally* snowed in, I would find myself catching up on my DVR. Winter is the best season to check out that buzz worthy show everyone has been talking about or even rewatch your favorite tv series {yes, I'm still watching The Office}. Since my husband and I rarely make it to the movies, our "winter date night in" usually consists of renting a movie via OnDemand or browsing the endless options of Netflix. 

Outfit Details || Earrings + Fuzzy Socks x Target || Floral Kimono via TJMaxx || Black Tank Top x Old Navy || Black Leggings x Forever 21 

How do you treat yourself from the comfort of your own couch? I am always looking for new ideas to add to my current self care routine. Share your favorites {don't forget the wine recommendations} with me in the comments. In the meantime, if you are looking for fresh self care inspiration be sure to follow the hashtag #iamlovingme on Instagram. I have been participating in a challenge all month long, with a few of my favorite Grand Rapids bloggers, to share how we have been choosing self care each day. Mine are compiled via @curentlykherington Insta Story highlights {here}. 

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  1. I'm definitely not a fan of the cold weather. I am also in doors most of winter, unless it's heading to work or taking the kiddies to school. So I've definitely been doing tons of baths (for sure, wine in hand) fresh flowers and my candles. I also, try to write as much as my brain will allow me to get out. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

    1. GIRL! I just CAN'T with the cold weather, it zaps all of my energy + motivation, + sometimes it's just easier to stay home. A relaxing bath has been a major key this winter + yes to the fresh flowers/candles. I love you tip about writing too. I'm always focused on creating content for the blog/clients, but I need to get back to writing in general - even if it's just journaling. Thank you for that reminder + for hanging out with me via today's post.