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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"My city too turnt up I'll take the fine for that...I was runnin' through the 6 with my WOES!" - DRAKE

T O R O N T O - where Drake + The Weeknd are in heavy rotation on the radio, everyone is rockin' a Canada Goose jacket, the city views are everything, + Tim Hortons tastes 1000 times better with potato wedges on the menu! Last week, my #instagramhusband + I met a few friends from Florida for our first mini getaway to Toronto, Ontario + it quickly became one of our new favorite cities. Today via my first travel guide on the blog, I am sharing what I wore, where we stayed, what we ate, where we socialized + JT, of course!

C U R R E N T Style
First, let's talk about how F R E E Z I N G it was in Toronto. While the temps were in the same wheelhouse as Michigan, the cold was a lot more arctic + fresh {seriously there is no other way to describe celsius}. Of course, I packed ALL of the cute outfits, but only ended up wearing my thick beanie via The Oddest Supply Co, heavy/warm Cole Haan coat {best winter investment this season}, + duck boots from TJMaxx! This is one of the few times that warmth outweighed style, but I was happy I came prepared!

C U R R E N T Stays
If you keep up with CURRENTLY Kherington on Instagram, then you saw my recent poll via Insta stories about choosing between an Airbnb stay or a hotel. We ended up going the Airbnb route for the first time + stayed at the cutest loft in Old Toronto/Parkdale area. Even though it was 20 min away from downtown Toronto, it was nice to live like a local + check out a few cool, hipster spots in the area. Plus, our Airbnb had on site paid parking + a price you couldn't beat!

C U R R E N T Eats
One thing we LOVE to do when we travel is E A T ! + not just anywhere, it has to be a local favorite, somewhere we can't go at home, + of course, Insta-worthy! Here are a few of our favorite spots we tried + LOVED, along with what we ate.

-EGGSPECTATION - The yummiest breakfast joint in downtown Toronto {Bell Trinity Square location} that was recommended by a few close friends. We enjoyed the Eggspectation Omelette, Breakfast Poutine, an Espresso Shot, + Tropical Paradise Smoothie! This was our first stop + it did not disappoint!

-THE ONE EIGHTY - This upscale gem is located in the Manulife Centre with a breathtaking view of the city from the 51st floor. I sipped on their Pink Lady cocktail + LOVED their Taco Trio - three al pastor tacos with pineapple + onion!

-GLORY HOLE DOUGHNUTS - This gem was located not too far from our Airbnb in Parkdale. Their space had every single vintage vibes + their donuts were some of the best I have ever had. I ordered the Latte Crunch + my husband had the Milk + Cookies doughnut!

-ST LAWRENCE MARKET - Toronto's hub for local artisans, merchants, + vendors puts our Downtown Market in GR to shame {+ trust me, that's hard to do}. I ate lunch inside at St Lawrence Pizza + Ice Cream + while the pizza is what drew me in, I actually ended up ordering the ravioli's. The chef + owner stopped me for a sample with homemade pesto sauce + I legit told him to "hook it up" after one taste. The pasta making machine was also the perfect touch!

C U R R E N T Social Scene
I said it before, we love to live like a local when we travel so we tried to have a good balance of tourist attractions + hanging out off the beaten path. Here's a list of a few activities we enjoyed during our stay.

-CASA LOMA - Vacation doesn't get more EXTRA than hanging out at a local castle! Yes, a legit castle in a legit residential neighborhood. It was so cool to explore the space + snap photo worthy views of the city from the top. One of my favorite aspects of the castle was the clips played that featured movies that were filmed there - like Chicago, The Vow, + X-Men. 

-TORONTO PATH - Thank Toronto for the PATH! This underground pathway kept us out of the cold + allowed us to walk majority of the city with zero elements in our way. It's home to over 1000 stores + services. Of course I did a little shopping along the way in the mall + explored a few of the local eats + retail stores. 

-TONALITY RECORDS - An unexpected stop we made on our trip was to the record store. No surprise, since my husband is a DJ {shoutout to JWILL4REAL} + is adding turntables to his many talents. This vinyl shop was also located near our Airbnb + had an extensive collection. It was even complete with a listening station to test out the vinyl before your purchase. I enjoyed crate digging for the first time + scored an absolute GEM - Lana Del Rey!

-CN TOWER - Have you really even experienced Toronto if you don't hit up the CN Tower?! I thought I wasn't scared of heights {rollercoasters are my JAM} until it came time to walk over the glass floor! My feet legit felt like they were nailed to the ground, but my best friend walked me across like an old lady just so I could say I did it! Plus, it was pretty cool to eat pizza with a view 1,465' in the air. 

-AIR CANADA CENTRE - MAN OF THE WOODS TOUR x Justin Timberlake - If anyone knows anything about me it's that I LOVE me some JT! + if you have been tuned in to my IG account, you know I have had the Man of The Woods album on r e p e a t + that I was going to see him LIVE for the THIRD time! I won't give out any spoilers {I have friends going to the Detroit show in April}, but we had SO much fun + JT was on point! I sang my face off, cemented my spot as an honorary back up dancer, + was probably the only person who knew every word to his new songs {NBD}. 

-GRAFFITI ALLEY - A street style b l o g g e r ' s d r e a m! Shoutout to one of my friends who sent me the EXACT location of this spot. The street art graffiti scene is hoppin' in Toronto, but graffiti alley is a MUST SEE! The murals are so detailed + edgy individually + as a whole! Talk about doin' it for the culture!

-NIAGARA FALLS - Finally, we ended our stay with a trip to Niagara Falls. Yes, the falls are a little over an hour outside of Toronto, but it was one of those "while we are here, we might as well go" kinda things. While Niagara Falls was absolutely GORGEOUS, traveling there + sightseeing along the way reminded me that I'm not an outdoorsy, nature kinda girl! Again, VERY GORGEOUS + worth the drive, but at the same time I immediately missed the city views + living like a local. 

We did ALL of the things, ate ALL of the food, + A LOT of walking {my husbands Fitbit stats were off the charts}. In the end, it was nice to get away, spend some much needed time as a married couple without a toddler, + experience somewhere we haven't been for a few days. Toronto will definitely be our new home away from home. 

Where have you traveled recently or plan to vacation in 2018? Share your own personal travel guide with me in the comments. In the meantime, I will be googling all things Traverse City, Michigan - that's were hubby wants to head next!

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