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Friday, May 4, 2018

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*photography by Ashley Wierenga

"I had to get creative, I had to make something else work, so I did. I started with one rack of clothing and $2,000 out of our savings...and now after two years of the mobile [boutique] life we will be opening our store on May 5, 2018." -Liz Haan, owner of Marie La Mode

While this isn't the first time I have styled Marie La Mode on the blog {here + herehere + here}, this is the first time I'm hanging out via STOREFRONT. That's right, Marie La Mode is shifting there mobile boutique into a shiny new retail space. Today, I'm featuring an inside look {in the prettiest MLM spring dress} before tomorrow's GRAND OPENING + sharing the backstory of Marie La Mode, the decision to open a brick + mortar, + the future of the mobile trailer via interview with boutique owner, Liz Haan. 

K - Why did you create Marie La Mode + how long have you been in business?
L - I created Marie La Mode because I wanted to bring a new concept to Grand Rapids and we did not have the money to open a brick and mortar. My husband had just started his career in nursing and I was working at Dan Vos Construction Company (in the office, no breaking down walls for this chick) after getting back from working in the fashion world in Chicago. We had just gotten married and a brick and mortar was a dream, but a not reality at the time and money was tight. The funny thing is I think money was tight for a reason, I had to get creative, I had to make something else work, so I did

I started with one rack of clothing and $2,000 out of our savings, which for us was a LOT of money. I started going to different small events, I would pack everything up in my husbands Honda Element, unpack when I got there and pack it all up again. I did this every weekend until we were able to afford the trailer and the build-out. I worked my little tail off to go from one rack and $2,000 of clothing to then a trailer with four racks, to a trailer with six racks, and now after two years of the mobile life we will be opening our store on May 5, 2018. That's just a small bit of the beginning of MLM.

K - What makes Marie La Mode unique to the Grand Rapids boutique scene?
L - What makes us unique to the GR scene is the trailer, our style, and our story. 
The trailer was the first mobile boutique in GR and then along came the others. I think even with having the other mobile boutiques it made us stand out in a stronger way. My husband, Chris, and I put our heart and soul into that trailer, I spent more time in that trailer then I did in my own home and I think that showed through the passion and love I had for it.

Our style, now this is tricky because sometimes I don't see it and sometimes I do. The first thing people say to me before or after they check out is, "I love your style of clothing", "you have a great eye", or "I love the variety". I love everything in the store/trailer (most of the time) because I picked it out, but to hear people say that is purely wonderful. Our style is on trend, creative, and self spoken. I strive to find pieces that are on trend, easy to wear, creative, but you can add your own twist, and [pieces] that need no words to describe. 

Our story is unique in the way that we started from nothing and worked our way up. We did not take out a loan, get money from family, or had a ton sitting in the bank account, we truly had $2,000. Now that does not mean we are millionaires, not even close, we have actually put everything we have ever made back into the business. Why? We believed we could make this dream come true and we knew that God had a plan, we just needed to put the work, time, and money into it. 

Side note: Everyone always asks who "WE" is. We is my husband, Chris, and myself. We did this together!

K - What excites you most about your shiny new brick + mortar location?
L - What excites me the most about our store.....Oh Boy! I would say having a home base away from my own home. I have worked from home for two years and it feels like I could never get away from work. Packages would show up on Saturday and of course I NEED to open them that second. Or the fact I knew emails were waiting for me to answer and the computer was in the other room. 

I am also so excited to be there for my customers, that's really the reason why we went brick and mortar. The store gives them a place to go, a place to shop MLM instead of trying to find us on our crazy trailer adventures. Oh oh, I almost forgot...the back room, I am so excited for that! It will be called The Hanger and details will be coming soon.

K - How will you incorporate the Mobile Boutique into your new brand vision?
L - So this will be answered a little open ended because we are not sure yet. The trailer is what made MLM what it is today, but we are just not sure how to make both work and both work well. We will still be doing large events on Saturday's, but instead of trailer private parties we are hoping to do more store front private parties. Now that being said, we are still doing some trailer private parties, just not as many...we will keep you updated on that. 

K - Grand Opening Details?
L - May 5, 2018 is our Grand Opening from 10am-6pm. Everyone is invited, so come check it out!

Outfit Details || Polka Dot Wrap Dress c/o Marie La Mode | Platform Heels x Target

If you didn't know why I absolutely love Liz + Marie La Mode, now you know! Her story and transparency about entrepreneur life and business is so inspiring and motivating. 

Be sure to visit Liz and congratulate her in person at the Marie La Mode GRAND OPENING this Saturday, May 5th! The new MLM location is an absolute dream and unlike any boutique in Grand Rapids. Of course, follow MLM on Instagram + Facebook {here + here}. If you don't live in the area + would love to shop Liz's pieces, no worries! Check out the Marie La Mode website {here}.

Congratulations Liz on all of your success with Marie La Mode! I am looking forward to personally continue following the journey of your boutique. Thank you for letting me hang out in your new location + share this inside look with my readers!

*This post was first seen on CURRENLTY Kherington and sponsored by Marie La Mode. 
All thoughts + opinions are my own.

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