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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

*photography x Doug Wierenga

"If we only focus on what we are doing {and let the narrative end there}, we would miss out on people we need to meet." - Ashley Wierenga, lifestyle storyteller, photographer, + marketing consultant

Hey girl hey, the C U R R E N T Community series is BACK! This time around I am hanging out with my girl Ashley Wierenga, aka Sincerely Ashley aka one of my blogging besties aka THE HAT QUEEN! You probably recognize Ashley from my IG Stories + our regular co-working dates. She's a lifestyle storyteller, marketing consultant, maven behind the lens {she has shot a good amount of my content}, a TRUE gem of a human, + always the CHICEST person in the room! Learn more about Ashely via interview, including her content inspiration, hidden talent, + hat styling tips. Oh + there's an exciting announcement about how Ashley + I will be working together more often this year - keep scrolling!

K - What is the inspiration behind your content?
A - I enjoy celebrating the most charming parts of life through my content. To me, that doesn't have to be anything grand. It could be a recap of your slow weekend, a table scape you created for a dinner with friends, or a cool individual that the world needs to know more about. My goal is to create a cozy place where people can feel safe to do anything from sharing their own experience to uncovering a practical tip.

K- What is your favorite thing about what you do?
A - I love having the privilege of telling a brand's story. That's the beauty of marketing and photography - you get to share the heart of a business in a visual, creative way with their client base. There's something really connective and powerful about that.

K - Song on repeat?
A - All We Got by Chance the Rapper and Happiness by NEEDTOBREATHE

K - What is something your followers don't know about you?
A - I play the piano. Such calming stress relief.

K - Can we get some hat styling tips from the hat queen herself?
A - Don't be afraid to dress them up or down. I love a hat moment with a t-shirt and jeans, but also as an unexpected surprise {think wide brim hat with a cocktail dress}.
    - Use the versatility that hats bring! They can add anything from playfulness to a polished presence.
    - If you're wondering which color direction to go, purchase one neutral {white, oatmeal, beige} and one black hat. As you build your collection, you can start filling in other shades that fall between those two.
    - This isn't so much style but master the hat hug; turn head to the side, lean in but not as robustly as you normally would hug.

K - What does community over competition mean to you?
A - When I hear that phrase, it holds a lot of meaning and the weight of important responsibility. It's often easier said than done to truly champion the people around you {especially when they are pursuing some of the same objectives as you}. But, community at it's best is fueled and shaped by sharing, connection, encouragement, intentionality...there's power living into each of those characteristics for your own career and the women standing next to you. If we only focus on what we are doing {and let the narrative end there}, we would miss out on people we need to meet. Some of my dearest friendships are with people in this community which would never have happened if we allowed competition to take top billing.

Sincerely, C U R R E N T L Y
+ now for our exciting announcement! Ashley & I will be hanging out even more than we already do by bringing you a brand new style series - Sincerely, CURRENTLY! This collaboration stemmed from us naturally having similar or even the same affordable/investment pieces. Each month, we will feature one piece + showcase them via our very own personal styles. This time around we are styling the wide brim hat aka Scottie Gray by Gigi Pip. Ashley always looks so cool with hers Carmen San Diego style, while I wear mine to towards the back because my #curlynaturalhair needs to fit. We actually purchased our hats on the same day while attending the grand opening of local lifestyle boutique, The Counting House. We were trying to convince a friend of ours to jump on the hat train when she claimed she "wasn't a hat person". Even though she didn't end up leaving fully transformed with hat in hand, she did try one on {which is always the first step to ditching your comfort zone}. I don't know if that moment subconsciously began this series, but I'm excited to be doing all of the blog lifestyle things with Ashley by my side, while empowering our audiences to wear whatever they want with confidence! Plus, that moment led to me purchasing my first Gigi Pip hat, {I have purchased one more since then + one for a friend} which is Ashley's personal mission. 

Now you know why I love Ashley so much! I'm so happy to properly introduce her to all of you + that after 58,384 co working dates we are FINALLY working together! Thank you Ashley for sharing your heart + hanging out with me on the blog today. + shoutout to her husband for shooting our photos! {COME THROUGH DOUG!}

Be sure to follow Ashley on Instagram {here} + head over to her website, Sincerely Ashley {here}. In the meantime, we will be getting ready to shoot our next look + probably sipping coffee or wine at some point. If there is a piece that you'd like to see styled in our series, holla at ya girls! Until next time + remember at the end of the day COMMUNITY is always better than competition!

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