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Friday, March 15, 2019

Sincerely, C U R R E N T L Y IS BACK! We received so much LOVE from you via our last collaboration in Gigi Pip hats, we couldn't wait to shoot a new look! This time around is all about the B L A C K B L A Z E R because we usually mean business, but end up pushing each other around the wine aisle in kids shopping carts for fun! {Oh + the graphic tee's were a happy accident because we have already morphed our individual styles into one!}

The Black Blazer
When Ashley + I were deciding which piece we were going to style next, it was practically a no brainer. We knew it needed to be something of value that almost everyone already has hanging in their closet. Then came the black blazer! Not only is it practical, it's also stylish + can be styled multiple ways. You can wear it to feel confident on an interview for your new career path. You can wear it over a flirty dress for your much needed date night. You can wear it with a t-shirt + jeans to look casually cool for your day to run errands {aka wander up + down the aisles of Target}. I personally own three styles - caped, oversized, + longline with a cold shoulder - all perfect for different occasions. Basically no matter what phase of life you are in, the black blazer fits right in e f f o r t l e s s l y ! 

Ashley's Look || Blazer x Nordstrom | Neck Scarf x Madewell | Graphic Tee x Old Navy | Skirt x H&M | Boots x Aldo

Why Ashley Loves The Black Blazer
"I love the contrast present in a classic black blazer. It's polished and timeless, but can just as easily be sporty and edgy. Whenever someone asks me about what staples they should have in their closet, a great blazer is always at the top of the list."

Ashley's look is EVERYTHING she described - polished, timeless, sporty, + edgy. Apparently her graphic tee was only $2 - talk about ballin' on a budget! Her black + white pleated skirt makes a bold statement! Not to mention the black ankle boots toughen up well against all of the feminine details. 

My Look || Blazer x Goodwill | Graphic Tee x Target | Trousers x Zara | Boots x Sparrow Boutique

Why I Love The Black Blazer
The black blazer is THE wardrobe must have for versatility alone. You instantly feel like a BOSS, like you can handle anything that comes your way! Adding a graphic tee says, "I mean business, but I don't take myself THAT seriously."

When it came to my look I couldn't wait to style newer pieces I've picked up over the winter. Toy Story is my FAVORITE Disney movie, so I immediately fell in love with this Pizza Planet tee {from the Target men's section, naturally}. I've been on the hunt for a track pant style trouser + scored this pair from Zara while we were on vacation in Florida! I've also been l i v i n g in these ankle boots from Sparrow Boutique. + I feel like styling my hair in space buns just really brought the playful/sporty aspect of the entire look together!

Before I completely sign off this post, lets give a shoutout to Bridge Street Market for letting us live our best blogger lives + not even questioning the shopping cart situation! Just super casual, NBD.

How do you like to style your black blazer? Better question - how many do you own? {Because no two black blazers are alike + only a REAL lover of style knows that!}

If there is a piece you'd like to see us style in the future, definitely let us know. {We don't care if you slide in our DM's!} Now that Michigan weather is on the upswing, we've got plenty of same, but different, but same looks comin' your way!

Check out Ashley's blog post about The Black Blazer {here}

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