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Friday, July 12, 2019

*photography x Ashley Wierenga

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go t o g e t h e r." - Stacie Thomas, Studio Owner of The Barre Code Grand Rapids 

If you've been keeping up with me on the 'gram, then my love for all things Barre Code is no secret! From 6AM workouts to hosting my first event, the past 3 months at the Heritage Hill location have legit been life changing {ya girl is NOT a morning person haha}. When Stacie Thomas, Barre Code GR Studio Owner, asked me to be their FIRST Brand Ambassador, I was H O N O R E D + couldn't wait to get started! I also couldn't wait to interview her for one of my favorite series - C U R R E N T Community! By the end of this post you will learn why I LOVE STACIE + THE BARRE CODE!

Meet Stacie | Barre Code Grand Rapids Studio Owner, Beyoncè Lover + the most motivating woman I've ever met!

K | What is your favorite aspect of your career?
S | My mission when I opened up the studio was to foster the connection that we have with ourselves and with each other. I strive to create a space where women come to get a challenging workout and leave feeling even stronger, more empowered and unconditionally supported. The best part of my day is when I'm behind the mic witnessing so much determination in 1 room and actually seeing struggle turn into strength.

K | What is your favorite Barre Code event?
S | Last August we soaked up Grand Rapids on The Blue Bridge with a Barre Code class followed by live music and a sampling from local vendors. It was the perfect backdrop for a night of strengthening our community. There are over 1 0 0 P E O P L E in attendance - I was amazed. Leading that many people and seeing them move together was definitely a highlight of my career as an instructor. This year we're joining forces with DJ Adrian Butler to bring you Barre N Beats on August 5th. We'd love to see you there fora night of friendship and fun on our iconic bridge in downtown Grand Rapids!

K | What does a typical Friday night look like for you?
S | TGIF: THE GRIND INCLUDES FRIDAY! Where my hustlers at?! I teach HIIT {High Intensity Interval Training} on Saturday mornings. It's one of our most intense formats and one of my favorite classes to teach. After a week of early mornings and late evenings, I love to get to bed early to make sure that I am fresh for my Saturday morning crew. Typically, I get takeout {usually Curry Pad Thai from Lai Thai Kitchen} and binge watch something that I've likely seen many times {Schitt's Creek, Grey's Anatomy, Parks & Rec, or Friends}. What makes Friday nights so special is that I get QT with Matt - my ride or die - and our 2 pups!

K | What's something you are C U R R E N T L Y loving?
S | SUMMER! I never thought we'd get to see the sun again, but here we are - sipping margaritas on a patio, taking long walks, riding bikes, and grilling out! Cheers to surviving another Michigan winter. I hope you and your readers are soaking up every moment!

K | What does community over competition mean to you?
S | To me, this means that you are not constantly comparing yourselves to others or trying to be better than others, but that you're trying to be your best self and encouraged to be better together. My goal is to empower people to make healthy shifts in their life. Anyone who is getting out there and crushing their workout goals - whether at The Barre Code or elsewhere - I'm rooting for them. I'll share one of my favorite quotes, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go t o g e t h e r".

Why I Love The Barre Code Grand Rapids

From the moment I stepped into our local studio in Grand Rapids I felt at home. While a being in a barre studio isn't completely new to me, something about Barre Code GR felt different. I felt welcome by the team at the studio from DAY ONE! The sense of community in each class + at every event is beyond empowering. One of my favorite events at the Barre Code would definitely be the fitness challenges each quarter. I have experienced two so far - Spring It On + Strength.Power.Fuel - + the buzz around the studio is infectious. It's motivating to see so many like-minded women pushing each other to get after their goals, experience something new {like a class you haven't taken before}, + making their mark one stamp at a time!

I still can't believe how QUICKLY I fell into a routine at Barre Code. I've taken a variety of class times, but 6A + 7A are my new JAM {which is still a major shock to my system}. Another aspect I love about Barre Code GR is that they offer more than just barre. I'm proud to say I have taken over FIFTY classes, including all FOUR of their class formats. While I am fully convinced HIIT will be the death of me - Barre, BRAWL {kickboxing style class} + Total Body Conditioning are in regular rotation for me each week! With each class I feel stronger than I did when I walked in physically + mentally! Shoutout to Barre Code GR for keeping ya girl sane!

I could go on + on about all things Barre Code, but I gotta save some content for future posts! Hahaha!

Thank you STACIE for hanging out with me on the blog today + sharing so many life gems!

Be sure to follow Barre Code Grand Rapids on Instagram + Facebook + check out their upcoming events. If you'd like to learn more about their class packs + memberships {including OnDemand}, visit your local studio {there are EIGHT locations in Michigan} + website! In the meantime, I'm always looking for a barre buddy so if you ever want to have your own personal experience, first class is free courtesy of Barre Code Grand Rapids! {I'll even adjust my 6A schedule to cheer you on along the way!}

If there's a creative that needs to be on my radar, let me know + share away in the comments. I hope this series builds community by connecting creatives, while inspiring + motivating you to take that next step in your life. At the end of the day COMMUNITY is always better than competition.

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