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Friday, January 3, 2020

"Just keep swimming...there are times you are swimming straight against the current alone. But just keep heading towards that goal. Currents shift." - Elisabeth Bartrom, Owner & Hairstylist of Chasing Vanity Salon & Medi Spa

New Year, New Blog Post! I'm kicking of 2020 with my favorite series - C U R R E N T Community! This time around, I'm chatting it up with Elisabeth Bartrom, Owner + Hairstylist of Chasing Vanity Salon + Medi Spa! Not only have I had the privilege of meeting Lis + partnering up via content creation in 2019, she also hit some MAJOR milestones business-wise. This BOSS BABE celebrated 6 YEARS in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids + expanded her business by opening a 2nd location with an on-site Medi Spa. Did I also mention Chasing Vanity Salon & Medi Spa hit 1 MILLION IN SERVICE SALES?! Talk about makin' MONEY MOVES! If you're looking for a little new decade inspiration, look no further than Lis + our 1-on-1 interview!

K | What do you do + why did you start?
E | I'm a salon and medi spa owner that works behind the chair doing hair as well. I got into this industry to connect with people and make them feel confident, beautiful and loved if only for the time we have together. Always the coach, the natural progression for me was opening a salon. I wanted to create a space that my team was taken care of and allowed to grow and thrive. My passion is helping people and there is truly nothing more rewarding than watching my team start their careers and grow with the salon and crush their goals. It's pretty amazing!

K | When you're not on the job...
E | When I'm not working you can find me working out, shoutout to The Barre Code {Grand Rapids} and Motive Training - my two go-to's for that desired burn. I also love to read and my husband jokes that I'm the only person he knows that can read three books a day. Lol! I also coach a 6th, 7th and 8th grade competitive cheer team, which is so fun!

K | What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?
E | I have many challenges as a business owner. Funny enough, the biggest challenge is disconnecting. This comes on so many levels. It's challenging to be the "boss" at times. You feel alone and disconnected. You used to be one of the gals, but in a leadership role at times you just aren't. This was and is always tough for me. I love team and inclusion, so this was one thing that I did not realize before opening a business. On the flip side, me disconnecting is also a problem. It is very hard for me to shut off that off button. I'm dialed in head first, zero to a million at times. {In} 2019, I really focused on {this} and it's been challenging. My team gets things done! The challenging part is letting go. Funny enough, you get so used to running on fumes and frantic for so long, you forget what sanity looks like at times!

K | What is your number one piece of advice?
E | My number one piece of advice is in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" - sorry it's stuck in your head now, but really. This is so true. Things are not always easy. There are times you are swimming straight against the current alone. But just keep heading towards that goal. Currents shift.

K | What does community over competition mean to you?
E | I'm a HUGE believer in living out the phrase community over competition. Little day to day menial things are a good start. Follow your local boss babes lives! Like their posts, comment, message, offer an ear. I love connecting, so I run a meet up group for area salon owners. We grab a bite and talk about salon challenges, business wins, goals and it's so great to connect and offer advice and share where I have fallen short and what I have learned. I love this about our local industry. We have some extremely talented and passionate peeps in our city! It's so refreshing and it elevates the industry!

Why I LOVE Chasing Vanity Salon & Medi Spa

One of my personal focuses in 2019 was to INVEST in myself, especially when it came to self care! EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I visit Chasing Vanity Salon & Medi Spa, Lis + her team make me feel confident + like the "cool mom" I want to be. Not to mention their services are TOP NOTCH, their space is g o r g e o u s + their sense of community is so genuine. My favorite service on the salon side is their Pedi-on-the-Move {legit one of the best pedicures I've ever had}. When it comes to their Medi Spa treatments, I have experienced Microneedling Facial and the HydraFacial {BOTH AMAZING}, but their Dermaplaning Facial is my favorite + I have a standing appointment once a month! I've seen major improvements in my skin {brighter complexion + fewer dark spots} - plus the compliments I receive on the regular ain't bad either!

I could sit + chat with Lis for hours {trust me I've done it lol}, but I'll save more biz gems for future content {we're gonna keep the content party goin' in 2020}!

Thank you Lis for hanging out and sharing your story with me + my C U R R E N T Community!

Be sure to follow Chasing Vanity Salon + Medi Spa on Instagram + Facebook! For a rundown of their services + memberships, head over to their b e a u t i f u l website. When you book your next service, let Chasing Vanity know I sent you - you just might receive $20 OFF {CODE: KHERNGTON20}

If there's a creative that needs to be on my radar, let me know + share away in the comments. I hope this series builds community by connecting local creatives, while inspiring + motivating you to take that next step in your life. At the end of the day COMMUNITY is always better than competition.


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