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Monday, February 3, 2020

*photography x Leigh Ann Cobb

Before you give your online presence the old "it's not me, it's you", you might want to read this...

Ready to break up with {insert Social Media Platform of choice here}? Don’t blame the algorithm, you’re probably just b o r e d ! {cue Ariana Grande 🎶} You can be showing up online every single day, consistently killin’ it + STILL find yourself in a content creation rut! Of course, I’ve totally been there + I got you! Today, I'm sharing FOUR ways to beat biz boredom.

1. Take a Break
- WHY | Trust me on this. I know what you're thinking, "how can STOPPING help me...won't that just put me back farther?" Think of it less as stopping + more as recharging your batteries. Staring at your social media profiles e v e r y s i n g l e d a y can get tiring + even discouraging, especially if you’re not gaining momentum with growth. Taking a break allows you to take a step back + return with a fresh state of mind + renewed inspiration.

- HOW | Put down the phone + pick up something you LOVE to do {for however long you need}. Focusing on something you're naturally excited about {even if its a hobby or binge watching your favorite tv series} gives your brain a break + may spark the motivation you've been lacking. Whether it's a few hours, days or even a month - take the time you need to pour back into YOU, your biz + your creativity! Social Media isn't going anywhere + your future self will thank you for it!

- PRO TIP | SCHEDULE YOUR BREAKS IN ADVANCE! This has been a lifesaver for me in my business. If you've been working at your niche for a few years, it's easier to predict slower seasons + high stress seasons. When you plan your breaks around those times, it's less likely that you will beat yourself up for "stopping" + you'll really be able to enjoy some time off! I personally try to plan my breaks quarterly so I don't get burnt out. Two times breaks are best for me in my biz - JULY {because summer in West Michigan is SHORT + I don't want to waste it behind a computer screen} + DECEMBER {I use this time to work IN my business by reviewing the year's income, social media analytics, + brand partnerships. I also fine tune what needs to improve for the following year, including finalizing my Q1 content plan.}

2. Switch Up Your Vibes
- WHY | While CONSISTENCY is key for business growth, sometimes our routine or how we create content for social media can get stale. Not to mention social media trends change rapidly, so you want to create content that speaks to that shift for your audience. Switching up your vibes or overall aesthetic is a great way to tap back into your creativity + experiment with what works best for YOU.

- HOW Start by playing opposites with your captions. It's all about finding the sweet spot to connecting with your audience. If you’re normally long winded, challenge yourself to shorten your messaging {+ vice versa}. This keeps your audience on its toes since they will likely be more engaged + anticipating what you will do next! 

- PRO TIP | If you've got your messaging down, maybe the disconnect is with your visuals on social media! Download some fun + interactive apps to step up your story + feed game! A few apps I frequently use are MOJO, Unfold, Story Luxe + Life Lapse. 

3. See Other Platforms
- WHY | If your c u r r e n t social media platform of choice seems too frustrating, chances are you have probably OUTGROWN the space or the content you're creating isn't the best fit for it. Also, if you're looking for renewed inspiration this might just be the step to take! You’d be surprised how quickly you can grow somewhere else {+ I’m not just talking vanity metrics}. 

- HOW | Challenge yourself by diving into another platform. If you want to incorporate more video into your content rotation - explore IGTV to start a weekly series centered on your niche or start a YOUTUBE channel if your audience is craving more long form content + you can go deeper with one of your favorite subjects.

- PRO TIP | Hopping onto another platform can be intimidating since you will be taking a backseat to being an expert while you work out the trial + error. Make this transition a little less scary by teaming up with a friend {especially if they are already established in that space}. I accidentally did this when I collaborated with my friend Katie aka What Kate Finds. We started a thrifting series on her Youtube channel in 2018 + her audience wanted to be able to follow my personal journey in that space. I ended up launching my own Youtube channel in January of 2019 + ended up sharing 27 videos while growing to an audience of 1k+ by the fall! Pushing start with Katie by my side, helped me to step out of my comfort zone with the comfort of a friend cheering me on. It also allowed me create content in a fresh way, while learning how to connect with a new audience {one that was completely untapped before}.

4. Invest In An Expert
- WHY | Getting some outside eyes on your biz always does the trick. A second opinion aka an expert within your niche will call out your blindspots, lend you some accountability, + unlock your untapped potential!

- HOW | INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS WHERE IT MATTERS aka long-term potential. Earlier we talked about how you could be visually bored in your business. Why not hire a photographer that pushes you outside your comfort zone? That could be with overall aesthetic via editing, switching up your posing, or even creative direction to have more of a planned out editorial photoshoot.

- PRO TIP | If you're all good on the visuals in your business, maybe your long-term investment needs to come at a higher financial + educational exchange with a coach or consultant within your space of influence. Let's get real, there's only so much free content you can soak up from your favorite business related influencer or GOOGLE. I can honestly tell you that taking this MUCH NEEDED THIS STEP has leveled up my business! I have personally worked with a business coach to assist me with my services outside of brand partnerships {Jereshia Hawk - 90 Day Virtual Coaching Course Services That Sell} + a mindset coach to help me get out of my own way when it comes to how I show up in my business every day {Topsie Vandenbosch - Six Week Virtual Group Coaching Course - Escape The Thought Spiral}. Pushing start on investing in a coach is a BIG DEAL + will make you UNCOMFORTABLE, but doing it NOW will save you TIME + unnecessary mistake making trying to figure it out yourself. Not to mention you're more likely to make the financial investment back, especially when you're empowered to show up for your audience at a higher level. 

Want to know the funny thing about Biz Boredom? The longer you're in business, the more often it shows up! Don't let that stop you from doin' your thang! Ultimately, you just need a little more preparation when it happens. 

Remember when I told you at the beginning of this blog post that I got you? If you're ready to get out of your own way + need a little more assistance in the form of a biz bestie + coach, holla at ya girl! I would love nothing more than to be your loudest cheerleader while serving you fully behind the scenes. Think of this as the perfect opportunity for you BRAIN DUMP your Social Media + Influencer Marketing related thoughts + questions on to me, while I help you shift out of boredom with an ACTION PLAN + back into being the BOSS BABE we already know you are. If you'd like to get the content party started + learn more about which one of my coaching services would be the best fit for your business, click here to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 15 Minute Next Steps Call. During this call, I will learn more about the needs of your business when it comes to Content Strategy + we will figure out which one of my services is the BEST fit for you. Think of this as less of a coaching call + more of a virtual speed dating for your biz! 

In the meantime, tell me, what does BIZ BOREDOM look like for you + how do you beat it? 

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