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Monday, March 2, 2020

Photography x Leigh Ann Cobb

"I'm a firm believer in the fact that if you really want to do something, you will make time for it - no matter what, without excuses." -Me

As a Content Creator + Influencer Marketing Coach, I've heard my fair share of excuses why Micro Influencers + Small Business Owners refuse to push start in their creative space aka Social Media. Even though I've been consistently back in the game since 2016, it's not my first social media rodeo since I began back in 2012. + trust me, when it comes to anything that may be holding you back, I've been there, made my fair share of excuses + pushed through it at some point along my journey in the digital space. Today on C U R R E N T L Y Kherington, I'm sharing 10 Social Media Excuses We Need To Stop Making + how you can cut that noise + keep confidently doin' you!

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I know I NEED to do it if I want to see results."
C U R R E N T Response | "What's holding you back?"
The good news is you know what you NEED to do...but why aren't you doing it? What's holding you back? Is it lack of consistency? Is it comparing yourselves to others within the same niche? Fear of results isn't the issue, especially since you already know social media is what's needed to drive your business in 2020 + beyond. Once you're honest with yourself about why you're not doing what you NEED to do, it will be a step in the right direction when it comes to how you should up on social media.

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I have so much going on...I don't have time to commit right now."
C U R R E N T Response | "What are you waiting for? Better yet, why did you start a business?"
Tell me the last time you took a risk! I can tell you - when you started your business in the first place. I'm pretty sure you jumped right in because you saw a gap in your industry + were determined to fill that need for others. Well, social media is a new need to fill for your community + an area that should be a priority. What are yo waiting for? If it's motivation - SPOILER ALERT - that won't show up when you need it most. If it's timing - SPOILER ALERT - there will NEVER be a "perfect" time to start {but you already knew that when you started your business}. Bottom Line: we will ALWAYS be busy + find things to fill up our time. Evaluate where your time is TRULY being spent, I can assure you that you have WAY more time than you think. + if you don't, what can you delegate to bring social media to the forefront?

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I don't have a camera or anyone to take my pictures."
C U R R E N T Response | "GIRL you betta use that phone + stop playing!"
What if I told you that my content was only iPhone pictures taken by my husband for the first year and half after I started my Instagram account + blog. True story. + it's probably the same story of every single entrepreneur you love and respect. Michelle Take Aim has 500k+ followers + only uses iPhone images on Instagram. CURRENTLY my images are 50/50 {phone/photographer}, anything that I'm featuring in the moment {thanks to my branding} is usually via my phone. Majority of my Traverse City travel series were phone pics taken by myself or #instagramhusband. Another Micro Influencer I love is Naty Michele, while her mom shoots most of her content, she also asks complete strangers to snap her photo while traveling + for everyday #ootd's. The point is - work with what you have and go from there. I'm a little over four years into the social media game + JUST purchased a camera out of convenience, experimenting with video via Youtube + saving my battery life! In the beginning, it may be more practical to only hire a photographer quarterly or for #sponsored content. At the end of the day, if your audience and brands already like what you're C U R R E N T L Y doing...well if it ain't broke don't fix it!

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I'm not a good writer."
C U R R E N T Response | "Do you read captions?"
Your writing style is about finding your voice + being YOU. I asked if you read captions because that will help you to decide how to go about your written content. If that's not important to you + your brand is more so about the visuals, keep your content short + witty. Drake quotes are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. Not to mention, video is the future of content + that just may be your strong suit. If you're a small business owner struggling in this area, Influencer Marketing may be the next step for you in this area. Collaborate, partner or hire a Micro Influencer who speaks to your brand in a fresh way that you're CURRENTLY lacking. This allows you to be able to tap into a new audience, while building a long-term relationship with a trusted Content Creator.

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I'm not comfortable in front of the camera."
This is something I learned QUICKLY + pretty much have to tell myself every day. I have also learned that true growth within your brand comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. PLUS, your audience wants to see YOU, so find creative ways to give the people what they want {Insta Stories is the best place for this}! I know it feels awkward taking photos at a restaurant or in a busy street with people watching you, but like anything else it takes time, practice, + becomes second nature. You will eventually find yourself standing on chairs to get the food shot, asking a waiter to take your photo, + standing in the middle of traffic with ZERO shame. If you're still not 100 when it comes to shooting yourself, you could always add mystery to your brand by only shooting clothing or whatever your niche is centered around. That way when you do make an appearance it gives your audience something to get excited about. + trust me, they will be excited to see your face! Your community is more invested in YOU than you think.

C U R R E N T Excuse | "My industry is SO saturated! How will I even stand out?"
C U R R E N T Response | "When Burger King opened up down the street, McDonalds didn't close up shop!" - c/o Jereshia Hawk
For the record I love McDonalds fries with no salt + their milkshakes, but I also will crave a Whopper with all of the onions from time to time. Also, newsflash - EVERY SINGLE INDUSTRY IS "O V E R S A T U R A T E D" ! Think of businesses or even celebrities that co-exist and are still killin' the game - EVERY SINGLE KARDASHIAN/JENNER, Apple + Android, Trader Joe's + Whole Foods, Target +...well Target has no competition in my eyes, but you get the point. At the end of the day, there is something for EVERYONE + there is an audience just waiting for your perspective, no matter how big or small it may seem. When you nail down your area of influence + authority, you will stand out every single time!

C U R R E N T Excuse | "There's no where to shoot where I live."
C U R R E N T Response | "Beyoncé shot for Vogue Magazine in a flower crown in front of a bed sheet + people lost their minds."
I'm sorry, but when I hear this excuse I refuse to believe it! Maybe it's because I live in Grand Rapids where murals pop up weekly + there's never a brick wall shortage. Do you know how many influencers started by shooting mirror selfies or how many of your favorites shoot self timed photos inside of studios or in front of their garage? Not to mention the TikTok wave, which is pretty much built on not taking yourself too seriously + keeping content as RAW as possible. When it comes to shooting content, you don't have to be on team doin' TEW much! Take a day + drive around your city, take a pic of buildings or areas that inspire you or make mental, even digital notes of where you want to shoot in the future.

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I don't know anyone else in the industry."
C U R R E N T Response | "Trust know someone!"
+ even if you feel like you don't know anyone, the digital world is YOUR OYSTER! You will find once you start showing up consistently on social media, it doesn't take long for local creatives to slide in your DM's + introduce themselves. Or maybe you will find yourself doing the same. Is there someone locally that you already follow that you could connect with? Are there events that you could attend (even alone...YES I SAID ALONE - it's better + will force you to talk to people) to meet others within your community/industry? Think about where you shop, eat, chill on a regular basis - the owners KNOW YOU! + if you REALLY want to put yourself out there, host an event to bring your community together!

C U R R E N T Excuse | "I need everything to be perfect...then I'll start."
C U R R E N T Response | "Why?"
It may be because I'm 30 + I feel like I'm at a crossroads in my life {think Britney Spears movie style}, but I have learned that there is never a perfect or ideal time for anything. I actually find myself stumbling upon my best ideas when everything is COMPLETE CHAOS in my life. I'm also a firm believer in if you really want to do something, you will make time + do matter what, without excuses. When it comes to getting started on social media, it honestly can't be perfect. You won't truly know what works, what your audience responds to, or even what direction your brand will even go until you start. When I started *AGAIN* I thought my content was going to just be about me + BQ's fashion. That lasted for about 6 months because shooting a baby/toddler is h a r d w o r k. Also, it wasn't until I pulled back the layer on mom life {here} that I realized I was better suited for a lifestyle lane + C U R R E N T L Y Kherington was born 8 months later. Now here I am in 2020, shifting again to bring more value via content centered around Content Strategy, Social Media + Influencer Marketing. Think about the social media experts that you love to follow in your industry, they didn't start with a boutique, clothing line, book tour or coaching agency. That happened o v e r t i m e, all because at some point they decided to JUST START!

C U R R E N T Excuse | "It's just not in my budget right now."
C U R R E N T Response | "When will it be?"
I know what you're thinking, social media for the most part is free, why should you pour money into it? I'm here to let you know from experience that there will come a point where "free" doesn't cut it anymore. You've googled every possible thing you can about social media growth + still haven't cracked the code. You've soaked up all of the free content about this topic from your favorite business coach or social media strategist + there's still something missing. These are signs that you need to level up + INVEST in education or a more hands-on experience. Now I'm not encouraging you to spend $$$$ you don't have. I respect the fact that you're keeping track of your numbers with a budget, as you should if you're taking your business seriously. With that being said, majority of the time this is not a valid excuse. I challenge you to take a step back + ask yourself - is it really my budget or is it something else? Do I not trust myself to commit to the investment? {Especially if you struggle with showing up consistently on social media anyway.} Instead of thinking of the investment as a quick fix, think more long term. What is the cost of you NOT investing in your overall social media growth? Trust me, waiting to invest in your business is costing you not only financially, but even more so when it comes to your TIME.

So tell me, what excuse has been holding you back from living your best social media life? Share something you've had to overcome to start your digital journey in the comments.

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