C R E A T I V E 
1. relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
2. (of a person) having good imagination or original ideas.

As a fellow creative, I know the feeling of having ideas constantly swimming around in your head + in true creative nature all of them seem amazing + urgent. In an ideal creative world, we could make all of our ideas come to life successfully. In the real world, well we only have so much time in the day. That reality usually leads us to a couple of questions...
- Which idea is worth capitalizing on and running with?
- Since no idea is truly "original", how will mine stand out?
- Once I've landed on my golden ticket, how can I execute it consistently?

If that sounds like you when it comes to content creation + social media, you're in the right place!

C U R R E N T L Y Creative is designed to assist Online Based Entrepreneurs with the content creation process. When I began my blogging + social media journey in 2016, I quickly learned the importance of accountability and consistency. These two factors have helped me gain momentum within my brand + my priority is to help you do the same, while confidently navigating the digital space with intention

What To Expect
Each creative session is centered around getting all of your ideas down on paper, honing in on what direction is best for your content, and a solid action plan to execute with consistency. Whether you're an online boutique owner that's seeking a streamlined digital presence or a micro-influencer that's shifting creative direction, if you have been in the social media game long enough to be frustrated with the algorithm, we can get this content creation party started!

C U R R E N T L Y Creative Coaching Services
PRO TIP | I prefer to build relationships with my clients + work together on a long term basis. CURRENTLY Creative Coaching Services are a financial + time investment. Each client benefits more fully from a 3-month {quarterly} commitment. 

I'm your virtual coffee date for three weeks to "pick my brain" about the business side of blogging and content creation. During each 1 Hour session, I will answer your top 5 questions, provide you with an audit of your social media platform of choice, + assist you with goals to focus on for the quarter. All clients receive digital notes following each session. 

CONTENT CLEAN OUT {6 Week Program}
This coaching service takes the content party a step further. During each 90 minute session, we will brainstorm content ideas, PICK ONE to focus future content around, and set goals for your business. I will also provide you with an analytics report to track progress. Clients also receive a bonus Check-In call towards the end of the quarter, along with digital notes from each session. 

You have consistently been killin' it in business + showing up online for your audience. Now you're ready to turn up the volume by adding INFLUENCER MARKETING to your business strategy. In 9 weeks, I will walk you through the process of launching your first {or next} digital Influencer Marketing Campaign. From creating campaign deliverables, nailing down your creative brief or media kit, perfecting your pitch email, and reaching out to local influencers or brands. I've got you covered from beginning to end. 

Interested in working together via CURRENTLY Creative Coaching Services?

Click the button below to schedule your Complimentary 15-Minute Next Steps Call. 
This is an opportunity for me to learn more about YOU and your c u r r e n t struggles with leveling up your online presence. During this call I will share the details of my current services, along with what to expect while working with me + pricing. We will both gain clarity regarding which creative service is the perfect match for you and the next steps to getting started.

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