C R E A T I V E 
1. relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
2. (of a person) having good imagination or original ideas.

As a fellow creative, I know the feeling of having ideas constantly swimming around in your head + in true creative nature all of them seem amazing + urgent. In an ideal creative world, we could make all of our ideas come to life successfully. In the real world, well we only have so much time in the day. That reality usually leads us to a couple of questions...
- Which idea is worth capitalizing on and running with?
- Since no idea is truly "original", how will mine stand out?
- Once I've landed on my golden ticket, how can I execute it consistently?

If that sounds like you when it comes to content creation + social media, you're in the right place!

C U R R E N T L Y Creative is designed to assist fellow creatives with the content creation process. When I began my blogging + social media journey, I quickly learned the importance of accountability and consistency. These two factors have helped me gain momentum within my brand + my priority is to help you do the same, while confidently navigating the digital space with intention! Each creative session is centered around getting all of your ideas down on paper, honing in on what direction is best for your content, and a solid action plan to execute with consistency. Whether you're a business owner that's seeking a streamlined online presence or an influencer that's shifting creative direction, if you've been in the social media game for longer than a minute we can get this content creation party started!

C U R R E N T L Y Creative Sessions
Creative Question & Answer
A one hour coffee date or virtual call to "pick my brain" about the business side of blogging and content creation. I will answer your top 5 questions while assisting you with goals to focus on for the month.

Creative Content Strategy
We will work together on the perfect strategy for your content. This one hour virtual call includes brainstorming content ideas, a social media plan for your typical week, and action items to set your goals in motion. You will also receive a Google Doc with notes from our virtual call.

Creative Content Calendar
This creative session takes the content party a step further. During our 90 minute virtual call, we will create a custom content calendar to prioritize posts for your social media. This session also includes brainstorming content ideas, goal setting, and an analytics report.

Creative Social Media Management
If you're ready to delegate social media completely so you can do all of the other important business things, consider it handled! I will manage your Instagram account + social media platform of choice via daily posts, engaging with your current audience while curating content to attract new followers, and a custom content calendar. You will also receive an analytics report to keep track of your consistency + growth, along with {2} virtual calls per month to check in on your progress + customize your content calendar. 

*I love to build relationships with my clients and work together on a long term basis. While CURRENTLY Creative Sessions can be scheduled monthly, clients benefit more fully from a {3} month quarterly commitment. 

Interested in working together via one of my Creative Sessions?

Click the button below to schedule your fifteen minute Complimentary Creative Call
I will share the details of my current services, along with what to expect while working with me + pricing. We will both gain clarity regarding which creative service is the perfect match for you and the next steps to getting started.

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Client Reviews

You don't have to take my word for it, listen to what my past clients have to say! 
Check out their C U R R E N T L Y Creative experiences below.

"I initially scheduled a {virtual Creative Call} with Kherington. She was so incredibly helpful and really did help me "breakthrough" some of my thoughts to figure out my local marketing strategy. That call was so helpful that I booked a Creative Content Strategy Session with her. I would highly recommend working with Kherington!"
-Patti Mapes, Home & Garden Influencer - Renovating Mapleson Manor | Creative Content Strategy -- Instagram

"I loved working with Kherington on our recent Creative Content Strategy Call. I started the year off with a bang because of all her suggestions. She was very helpful with my branding ideas and how to execute them. If you need to get a better understanding surrounding your creative ideas, you better book Kherington. She is C U R R E N T L Y the BOMB!"
-Christina Ziegler, Lifestyle Influencer - Socially Chrissy | Creative Content Strategy -- Instagram + YouTube

"Kherington is great to work with. She's professional, creative yet organized, has lots of ideas and has really brought consistency to our Instagram. It's been a huge help to have her managing our social media!"
-Kristi Kettler, owner of Sparrow Boutique | Social Media Management {Blog, Instagram, + Pinterest}

"I can't even begin to brag enough about Kherington. I was so impressed and satisfied with all the ground we were able to cover and all we were able to accomplish in one consultation. This was only possible because she came totally prepared and is extremely organized and professional. She is an amazing listener, super relatable and understanding; and when I let her get a word in edgewise - she offered very valuable suggestions and ideas that were simple and doable, but will make a huge difference for my brand and influence. It is very clear that she is constantly educating herself about all things social media, branding yourself, and maintaining your influence even with algorithms changing regularly. This makes her a wealth of knowledge and an excellent resource. If you are on the fence about booking with her, my suggestion is do it now. We all know that we need to invest in ourselves and businesses to flourish and this is the best investment you will make. She will help you see your path and your goals clearly and will also give you the tools and confidence to tackle them."
-Ashtin Cope, Lifestyle Influencer - Raising Winnie | Creative Content Strategy -- Instagram

"I have followed Kherington for a while and adored and respected her so I was very excited to book with her and she didn't disappoint. I did a {content} planning session for my blog and there was so many "ah ha" moments and wonderful ideas she presented that I know will elevate my brand and blog. Thank you Kherington, you are so dope and knowledgeable. I appreciate you!"
-Shanae Kidd, Lifestyle Influencer | Creative Content Strategy --Blog

"From one fellow JT lover to another, Kherington and I instantly connected. Right from the start I knew she would be the perfect fit for {LA Miller} Boutique. Extremely professional and so relatable."
-Lisa Miller, owner of LA Miller Boutique | Creative Content Strategy --Instagram + Digital Copywriting --Contributor Blog Posts

"I loved working with Kherington. She is very talented and knowledgeable in content and blogging. She has worked closely with the company I worked for and [helped] us to increase website visits and create better content. She also worked as a guest blogger, which she was amazing at. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to better their content, enhance their social presence, and get great industry insight."
-Alyssa Waid, Social Media Manager | Creative Content Strategy -- Instagram

"It's not often that you can connect with someone within a matter of minutes! Kherington is a gem and a rare find! In the middle of a start up blog I reached out to her for some guidance on where even to start! She was on it! She joined my vision and has helped motivate and cheerlead for me in so many ways! I can't thank her enough for lighting a fire in me!! Giving me a easy guide on what to expect and how to handle the bumps I may face while blogging! She's the go to!!! Hands down."
-Yonique Nugent, Beauty Influencer - Life In the Mixed Lane | Q + A Session --Blog

"Sitting down with Kherington was exactly what I needed! Developing your own brand sounds super fun and exciting, but can be overwhelming when you have so many different ideas you want to execute without a clear plan. Kherington was able to look in from the outside to help me formulate a more structured plan and focus my ideas into something more tangible. I left our meeting feeling inspired and ready to get to work on my brand! Thank you Kherington."
-Lauren Maher, Beauty + Style Influencer - Looks By Lau | Q + A --Instagram

"I've been in the works for a while trying to launch my blog, going back and forth with so many ideas and just getting stuck and unsure of the direction I wanted to go. I decided to set up a MICRO session with Kherington (not to mention how flexible she was with my schedule) and I am SO glad I did. She really helped me focus on some ideas that I already had while giving great tips and ideas for some new strategies. It was so nice having someone to talk to who understands the thought process of creating a blog. Immediately, I felt more focused, inspired and motivated. I feel like I even got a new friend out of it too! I would 100% recommend Kherington, if you're questioning whether or not to do it, DO IT!!!"

-Krystle Kandler, Beauty Lifestyle Influencer - Styles By KK | Q + A --Blog 

"I met Kherington over 5 years ago when I hired her as a Fashion Stylist and Social Media Coordinator for Siegel Jewelers. Since then I acquired GRNow and was in over my head. With such a large following, I was having a hard time keeping up with the social media scheduling and content management for the site. Kherington stepped in to help me coordinate my thoughts and get a manageable schedule down. She also writes blog posts for GRNow on demand, along with sending me ideas of potential posts. I don’t know what I’d do without her. 

Wholeheartedly, I recommend Kherington’s social media, styling, and content creation services to anyone that has a business to run and limited time in the day. The beauty of this type of service is that you can use Kherington for all your social media or blog posts OR just call Kherington when your brain is having a major block. 

It’s nice to know I have such a great business resource to fall back on when I need to get out of my own way and thoughts down on screen."
-CJ DeVries, owner GRNow + ISE MKTG |  Digital Copywriting, Creative Content Scheduling, + Social Media Management {Blog, Facebook, + Instagram}

"I met with Kherington to discuss an exciting new concept that looked like a jumbled mess in my head! She took the time to lay out an organized trajectory for my brand and I left the meeting more excited to dig in. I felt like I had a place to start and that my vision could become a reality. She is so knowledgeable about content creation, aesthetics, and how to engage readers. With the quickly changing climate of social media, it is SO important to work with a professional who understands that. I am excited to move forward with Kherington and highly recommend her to anyone looking to get into blogging or content creation." 
-Dr. Theresa Osmer, Chiropractor - Flow Chiropractic | Q + A Session --Blog

"I requested Kherington's Blog Consultation services because I am starting my brand and blogging has been an area where I am not that experienced in. We were able to set up an appointment quickly and met locally and were able to chat over a glass of wine, which I highly recommend! She not only provided great outlets for me to use, but also gave me her background and personal experiences making me feel comfortable and encouraging about my decision. It is nice to have a local blogger and influencer give great advice and tools to help me start my journey. I look forward to meeting with Kherington again and will definitely be asking her frequent questions along the way!"
-Carmen Foster, Lifestyle Influencer - ClosetCapsuleHome | Q + A Session --Blog

"Kherington is a true GEM! I met with her to discuss my influence and presence as a blogger and style influencer and she was very helpful. Kherington gave me tips about photography, a consistent presence online, as well as outreach to brands and affiliates. She is very sweet, and has a passion and knowledge base that is unmatched when it comes to the world of fashion. I truly enjoyed not only meeting with her, but spending time getting to know her and her brand a little better!"
-Care Mclean, Fashion Influencer - Fashion With Care | Q + A Session  --Blog

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